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Here at Adolescent Dogs we've been helping busy families with dogs worldwide to go from stressful walks, to relaxing and enjoying their canine companions using positive and fun training methods for over 17 years. 

You can learn with us via our home based Residential Dog Training across the UK, via One to One or Group Classes in Surrey, or via the Online Academy Worldwide


We have also launched our Owner Trained Assistance Dog Programme, where owners can learn with us online from anywhere in the world

Read our 5 star reviews online here. Find videos of our training success here

Would you love your puppy or adult dog to be well behaved and a joy to take with you anywhere?

Adolescent Dogs is a family run dog training company which was setup in 2006 by husband and wife team Jenny and Mike Newland, two Internationally renowned dog trainers offering world class dog training services along with their team of expert trainers

They have a fantastic team of 14 trainers with a wealth of experience and knowledge who train dog using modern, practical, reward based training methods. 

As a company, they work closely with owners training their own Assistance Dogs, and they will be donating their own income generated from the Academy to provide gifted and discounted residential stays for Assistance Dogs, as well as donating to local dog rescues and charities who sign up to the affiliate programmes


They regularly have clients travelling to them from all over Europe to experience their residential training, as well as high profile clients who are given the utmost discretion.  If you live further afield and want to purchase a puppy in the UK to be trained and then flown over to your location, we can help you with collecting your puppy, organising paperwork, and delivering your dog to the airport. 

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