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Become a dog trainer

Here at Adolescent Dogs, we offer a unique opportunity for you to begin your career as a dog trainer. 

We have a very limited number of opportunities each year for trainers to join our team and become part of our unique community of trainers, sharing a huge passion for training dogs. 

If you are an experienced trainer, you will be able to dive right in and hit the ground running, from anywhere in the UK. We are currently looking for trainers to start immediately full time. If you are new training and would like to learn, we provide full training


  • Board dogs in your home for the duration of their training

  • Conduct dog training sessions using positive reinforcement techniques

  • Assess and evaluate dogs' behaviour and temperament

  • Develop personalised training plans based on individual dogs' needs

  • Teach basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come

  • Provide guidance and support to dog owners on training techniques and strategies

  • Maintain accurate records of training sessions and progress

  • Provide an excellent customer experience sending photos, videos and detailed reports of their dog's training



  • Previous experience working with dogs in a professional setting such as a kennel, dog walker, dog boarder, class helper etc.

  • Strong knowledge of dog behaviour and training principles

  • Excellent communication and customer service skills

  • Ability to handle dogs of all sizes and breeds safely and confidently

  • Patience, empathy, and a genuine love for animals

If you are passionate about working with dogs and helping them become well-behaved companions, we would love to hear from you. Apply now to join our team of dedicated dog trainers!

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