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Online Dog Training Academy

Discover the online dog training programme that has transformed the lives of thousands of dog owners across the world

Learn how to rapidly transform your dog's behaviour using the same successful training system that we use for our residential training stays

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Do you watch other dog owners in the park with envy? 

Their dogs seem so well behaved, so calm and so focused on their owners!

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You love your dog and enjoy your time together, snuggling on the sofa, playing games of fetch, early morning walks in the forest, but there are behaviours creeping in that have started making walks less than enjoyable...

Has your dog ever...
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If you've experienced the above behaviours or others such as jumping up, barking, chasing traffic/bikes/joggers/cats, biting/mouthing, hunting, toileting indoors, lack of confidence, biting the lead, fear of handling/equipment, over excitability, difficulty settling, chewing furniture, chasing livestock and more, then you've come to the right place!

Dogs don't grow out of their unwanted behaviours; they only grow into them!

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What is our training approach?

Our unique approach to training uses modern, science-based training utilising motivational training methods - with an added twist that we'll even show you how to transfer the training to the real world using real clients dogs!


There's no need to use harsh training methods, jerks of the lead, painful training equipment or 'dominance' training. Instead we'll show you how to build a great relationship with your dog based on trust!

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Any good training programme will look beyond the behaviour that you can see and to the rea
Any good training programme will look beyond the behaviour that you can see and to the rea

Are you ready to transform your dog's behaviour?

If you're ready to transform your dog's behaviour and to feel confident taking your dog with you anywhere, then now is the time to make the change and to join the Online Academy and the thousands of dog owners worldwide who have already taken the leap and achieved amazing results with their own dogs

It's never too early or too late to train your dog.  The best time to get started is now, before those unwanted behaviours get more ingrained and harder to undo. 

If you're welcoming a new puppy, you can join us before you bring your puppy home - where you'll benefit from our Puppy Diaries videos with a useful puppy shopping list, first night home advice and what to train every day for the first 4 weeks!

If you have an older dog, join us today and we'll immediately help you to build an easy-to-follow training plan to work through your specific training struggles, supporting your training every step of the way!

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Membership options


Pay monthly

£27.99 per month, cancel anytime.

14 day free trial


Pay yearly

£199 per year

(best value £16 per month)

Blue light discount

£14 per month

Available to all NHS workers, Social Workers, Military, emergency services. Also for pensioners

The Adolescent Dogs Online Academy has you covered


We have no doubts that the Online Academy is the best all round dog training course out there.

If for any reason within the next 14 days of you starting your membership you feel like this isn't for you. No worries, it's easy to cancel your membership without getting charged!

Blue Light Discount: if you qualify for our Blue Light Discount, simply email us proof such as an ID card, Payslip etc and you can go right ahead and select the Blue Light Discount! 

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Supporting a good cause


The Online Academy does more than just provide top quality training and content to dog owners worldwide. It's a lifeline for dog rescues, charities and assistance dogs. 

We're teaming up with dog rescues & charities worldwide to provide training & support to their foster dogs and newly adopted dogs. We donate 50% of all rescue membership sign ups to their chosen dog charity and 20% to all charities supporting individuals with disabilities

All other memberships are being 100% donated towards our Assistance Dog Programme, where we raise and train puppies to gift as assistance dogs, and where we provide gifted residential stays to owners with their own assistance dogs in training as well as raising & training puppies to gift

Together we can change lives!

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