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The Online Training Academy is an Online Dog Training Programme where we share our training secrets via instant access videos, weekly Live training, Live Webinars & individual coaching to help you to transform your dog's behaviour from anywhere in the world, using positive training methods.


It's the ultimate training resource for dog owners and dog trainers, with every training video you will ever need in one easy to access location

We've helped to train over 15,000 dog and owner teams over the past 16 years. Here is your opportunity to train your dog using the same outstanding training programme, along with our personal support & coaching

As a bonus, we're donating 100% of our income generated from the Academy to support local dog rescues and Owner Trained Assistance Dogs. So you can feel great about supporting a good cause too!

Who is the academy for?

New Puppy

Give your puppy the best start to life & sign up before your puppy comes home! We'll show you how to prepare for your puppy, and what to teach from 8 weeks old

Adolescent Dog

Is your growing puppy testing the boundaries, trying out new behaviours and completely ignoring previously learnt obedience cues?  

Rescue Dog

Have you taken on a new rescue dog and need to help them to adjust to their new life? We can help with relationship building, confidence building & tackling problem behaviours

Problem dog!

Do you need help with counter surfing, resource guarding, reactivity, biting, fighting, stealing, jumping, chasing, pulling on the lead, no recall, barking?

Do you want your dog do learn these key skills?

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Over 400 videos

Instantly access over 24 courses with over 400 video tutorials, watch each video in less than 5 minutes, and see results in your first week with us!

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Weekly Live Q&A

Ask Jenny & Mike questions LIVE every week

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Classes & Events

VIP members get exclusive access to our classes & events. What a perk!

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Demo Invites

We'll invite members to take part in our Live Demos for free!

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A fun & supportive Facebook community group to share your training journey

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Monthly Live Webinars. You choose the topics & ask questions Live

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New content is FREE

Anytime we add new content or courses, you'll get it FREE

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Award Scheme

Take part in the Canine Community Award Scheme & Trick Dog Titles and earn certificates for your dog's achievements

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Weekly Live Training

Live training demos with novice dogs for real world troubleshooting.  Plus 'Walk with the Trainer' to see how to transfer training to the real world

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Personal support

24/7 access to us, with our personal support & coaching. Post training videos for feedback

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Training Plans

We'll help you keep your training on track by building a personal plan every week!

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Monthly competitions to win cool stuff & exclusive 10% off one to one lessons & classes

"The on-line courses are absolutely brilliant. They are calm and focused unlike other on-line dog trainers who seem to jump around manically. Daily feedback is provided and Jenny & Mike are always on hand to answer any query. I can’t praise them highly enough. If you want a happy, secure pup you can’t spend money in a better way"

A Barnes

"Brilliant online courses. I’m a member of their VIP Training and it’s excellent value for money. So much content and unlike a LOT of other online training you actually get feedback from the actual trainers. You will pry my membership from my cold dead fingers."

K Gasson

"Jenny and Mike have given incredible amount of feedback when we have shared videos, I can not give them enough praise. They are clearly driven not by money but of love for dogs and their well-being. If I could have given 10 stars I would have done.

C Jebbett

" The convenience, and QUALITY of these courses is incredible. Jenny and Mike are clearly very passionate about dogs, and even with all the people on these courses, they still remember the names of people and their dogs, and the struggles their facing,  they clearly care about every single person they’re teaching"

C Dueck

The courses included

Foundation Skills

Teaching all of the basic obedience cues such as Sit, Down, Leave, Wait, Come, Heel, Door Manners, Bed, Manners Greeting, Settle..

20 Videos

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Building off lead skills, including a good recall, an emergency stop cue, engagement off lead, and distraction proofing!

19 videos


Canine Conditioning

Building your dog's flexibility, balance, co-ordination and strength via easy and fun exercises. Great for confidence building to!

Brand new!


Tricks & Assistance Tasks

Teaching your dog fun tricks, assistance tasks and building enrichment into your dog's daily routine. 

46 videos

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Co-operative Care

Teaching your dog to be an active participant in their daily grooming and handling, and to feel confident with the exercises. Includes claw clipping, handling, giving medication, and more

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Tracking Games

Using the power of your dog's nose to find missing people or items out on walks!  Great fun & the perfect way to keep your dog engaged with you. Plus it's PERFECT for building CALM at home after a busy day!


Puppy Diaries

Simple solutions for your puppy's first night home, separation training, toilet training, play biting, barking, crate training, witching hour, jumping, attention seeking, chewing and more

28 videos

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Lead Walking

Teaching your dog to walk to heel on & off lead without lunging, jumping up, picking up rubbish or dragging you down the road

26 videos


Calm Canine Challenge

30 days of step by step videos to guide you to success and transfer the training to real life scenarios

30 videos


24 Day Xmas Challenge

In this challenge, we taught a whole variety of tricks and assistance dog tasks. You'll teach your dog how to open and close doors, fetch your keys, put their toys away, turn lights on and off, wipe their muddy paws and more!

30 videos


Advanced Training

Adding distance to our cues and showing you the 5 D's of distraction proofing: Distance, Duration, Distraction, Different Handler and Different Location

11 videos

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Walk with the Trainer

An exclusive behind the scenes look at how to manage your dog on a walk! Looking at a variety of training struggles including reactivity, car chasing, fear, hunting and adolescence!


Puppy to Pro Challenge

What to teach your puppy at 8 weeks of age, to build confidence, social skills, handling & engagement. We teach your puppy HOW to learn & problem solve

30 videos

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Reactive Rehab

Step by step guide for working through reactivity due to fear, frustration, excitement, low confidence or resource guarding. 

18 videos


Nosework Challenge

Harnessing the power of your dog's nose!  Teaching your dog to find a target odour, and to build their search skills to search chairs, bags, cars, novelty areas, out of reach and underwater. 

28 videos


Impulse Control

Teaching your dog how to think and respond to cues when in a high arousal state. Perfect for dogs who struggle with distractions, or who chase cars, bikes, joggers or other dogs

16 videos

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Ready to watch Webinars. Available to watch now: Food Rewards 101, Canine Socialisation, Dog Reactivity, Surviving Adolescence, Canine Body Language, Five Dogs, Five Walks, FEAR in dogs, Car Chasing, Pain & Behaviour & Resource guarding

11 videos

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Toy Story Tricks

Over 25 tricks to learn, including Stick em up, play dead, trust fall, teach your dog to read, hug a teddy, find a lost toy, catch balanced toy, crawl, reverse circle, stand tall and more!

Supporting a good cause

The Online Academy does more than just provide top quality training and content to dog owners worldwide. It's a lifeline for dog rescues and assistance dogs. 

We're teaming up with dog rescues worldwide to provide training & support to their foster dogs and newly adopted dogs. We donate 50% of all rescue membership sign ups to their chosen dog charity

All other memberships are being 100% donated towards our Assistance Dog Programme, where we raise and train puppies to gift as assistance dogs, and where we provide gifted residential stays to owners with their own assistance dogs in training as well as raising & training puppies to gift

Together we can change lives!

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Sign Up Here

We're so confident you'll love the academy that we offer a 7 day money back guarantee if it doesn't suit you.

No questions asked!

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£19 per month

Best Value. 7 day free trial. Sign up for the whole year to give your dog the very BEST training journey



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£14 per month

50% discount to Blue Light Card Holders. Please email proof of your Blue Light Card OR status as NHS / Armed Forces / Emergency Services / Social Care



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£28 per month

Subscribe monthly and cancel anytime!  Claim 50% off your first month when you sign up today using the code VIP50



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Then £28 per month

7 day free trial, then pay monthly.  A great way to try out our great content before committing


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