Mike Newland, PPG, PPN, MGODT

Company Director, Head Trainer & Behaviour Consultant

Mike runs Adolescent Dogs alongside Jenny and has been training dogs for over 8 years.  He runs all of our workshops and one to lessons and provides training to our team of instructors, as well as providing Workshops to dog training groups & Instructors across the UK

Mike has been assessed by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and passed his 2nd Grade with honours.  He is also an approved member of the Guild of Dog Trainers (GODT), a member of the Pet Professional Guild for Force Free Dog Trainers, a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network, a Dog Training College Approved Instructor and has completed the UK Sniffer Dog's Instructor Courses

He regularly attends seminars across the country with best trainers from around the world, and is studying towards becoming an ACE Practitioner.


Mike lives with his partner Jenny, 7 dogs, 3 cats & 2 children (7yr and 4 yr) in rural Ewhurst with over an acre of land to train on, backing onto Polo fields - which offer hundreds more acres. 


Mike & Jenny offer limited opportunities for dogs to come and stay with them for residential training.

Their own dogs include a Rottweiler, a Pug, 2 Chinese Crested, a Mini Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless) a Standard Xoloitzcuintli and a Working Cocker Spaniel. They also foster for rescues across the UK to help re-train and rehabilitate rescue dogs

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

  • Dog Training College Approved Instructor - 2019

  • Accredited Instructor for the Guild of Dog Trainers (GODT Master Trainer)

  • Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network (PPN)

  • Attended a BIPDT COURSE and obtained a Certificate in Basic Instructional Techniques (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers) 

  • Full member of the Pet Professional Guild - the association for force free pet professionals (PPG)

  • Fosterer for dog rescues across the UK - helping to retrain and rehabilitate rescue dogs

  • Craig Ogilvie - Interactive Play Workshop - 2020

  • Craig Ogilvie - Communication, arousal and problematic behaviours seminar - 2020

  • Kamal Fernandez - Monthly training workshop - 2020

  • Completed the UK Sniffer Dogs Gold Instructors Course - 2020

  • Completed the UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Instructors Course 2019

  • Completed the UK Sniffer Dogs Silver Instructors Course 2019

  • School of Canine Science - Trainer of the Year Course 2019

  • Sarah Fisher - ACE practitioner Course - attended 5 days practical training - 2019

  • Kamal Fernandez - 2 Day Practical Training Seminar on Dog Training & Behaviour - 2019

  • Ttouch Practitioner Course - attended 5 days practical training - 2019

  • Victoria Stilwell - 2 Day Dog Behaviour Conference - 2019

  • Alex Wilson - 2 Day Tellington TTouch Seminar - 2019

  • Kamal Fernandez - Reactivity, dispelling the myths seminar - 2019

  • School of Canine Science - Behaviourism 101 with Dean Nichols - 2019

  • School of Canine Science - Attended Dog to Dog Aggression Seminar - 2018

  • Craig Ogilvie - Attended Communicating with your Overstimulated Dog Seminar - 2018

  • Brenda Aloff - Attended Canine Body Language seminar - 2018

  • Brenda Aloff - Attended Get Connected Seminar

  • Brenda Aloff -  Attended Instructors Workshop for Aggressive Dogs 

  • Brenda Aloff - The Engaged Dog - Academy Online

  • Craig Ogilvie - Attended Practical Play Skills Seminar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Attended Common sense & cutting edge concepts in Behaviour & Training

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Attended Simple solutions for common Behaviour & Training problems

  • Kathy Sdao - Leash Aggression Webinar

  • Attended Geert De Bolster Dog Aggression Seminar

  • Sirius Dog Training Academy - Dr Ian Dunbar Fighting & Biting Seminars, Puppy Training Classes & Adolescent/Adult Classes Online

  • Sirius Dog Training Academy - Attended Dr Ian Dunbar Business, People Training & Games seminar

  • Sirius Dog Training Academy - Attended Dr Ian Dunbar Dog Behaviour Counselling Certificate

  • Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour: Attended Canine Crime Scene Investigation with John Rogerson 

  • Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour: - John Rogerson Practical Ultimate Recall Workshop 

  • Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour: - Attended 9 Day Professional Dog Training, Instructing & Behaviour Practical Course with John Rogerson 

  • Sarah Whitehead - Attended the Sex and Hormones Seminar