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We run weekly Workshops covering specific topics. These are a great way to supplement weekly classes and to give you more focused help in a specific area.  We run Reactive Dog Workshops to help dogs who bark at dogs or people, Recall Workshops to fine tune your dog's recall, Lead Pulling Workshops to teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead, Impulse Control Workshops to improve your dog's focus and control around distractions, and Puppy Socialisation Workshops to show you how to approach socialisation with your young puppy. 

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UK Sniffer Dogs

We run weekly scentwork classes that are open for complete beginner's. This popular dog sport is low impact, easy to practise at home, and helps to provide mental stimulation, build calm, boost confidence, lower arousal, reduce reactivity, increase focus and help you build an amazing bond with your dog.  

These classes are fun and we welcome puppies, adult dogs, rescue dogs, nervous dogs, reactive dogs, elderly dogs, injured dogs etc. 

We teach your dog to recognise and find individual scents, including Kong, Catnip, Gun Oil and Truffle Oil, and how to search luggage, chairs, people, vehicles and novel search areas.  It's great fun and dogs of all breeds love it! You can work your way through Bronze, Silver and Gold, earning yourself certificates and rosettes! 


One to One Packages

If you'd prefer help on a one to one basis, there are limited spaces to book one to one training packages with our Head Trainer Mike Newland, or our Advanced Senior level trainers.  We offer all kinds of packages and you can even stay locally with your dog to take advantage of week long instruction! These are based in Ewhurst with Mike, or Guildford with Libby


Residential Dog Training

A unique opportunity for your puppy or adult dog to receive intensive training over 2 to 6 weeks with one of our expert trainers. You can feel confident that we're getting your dog's training right from the start, and that we'll transfer the skills and knowledge so you can keep it up

Your dog can come and live with one of our trainers in their home as part of the family whilst receiving intensive training. You'll receive lots of updates so that you're kept in the loop on their progress, and then we'll spend time with you after to transfer the training over to you. You also get free access to our online training clinics so that you can get started with training prior to the stay, and utilise the content to  help keep up the training after

Prices from £500 per week


Home Board & Train (Overnight boarding & training)

Pet Sitting & Training (We stay in your home nationwide)

Locations: Surrey, Hampshire & West Sussex

Nationwide and European collection service available.  Pet Sitting & Training available Nationwide


Free training tips

Want some training tips to help you to get started?  We have a Blog that we update every month with useful articles and training tips.  We have blogs about socialisation, puppy training problems, reactivity, crate training, toilet training, jumping up, introducing cats and more!