UK Sniffer Dogs

Scent detection for pet dogs!

Our next Bronze dates are as follows:

From Saturday 25th July

9.30am to 11.30am 

3 week course

Merrist Wood College, Guildford 

£120 per dog

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UK Sniffer Dogs is all about allowing pet dogs to have a go at sniffer training

No experience needed!  Sign up and learn from scratch!

Our UK Sniffer Dog courses are open to puppies & adult dogs. No previous training is needed!  


Come and join us in one of the most popular dog sports at the moment - Sniffer Training!

The BEST way to tire your dog out without having to over exercise!  Did you know that just 10 minutes of sniffing is just as tiring as an hours run with your dog?


How will my dog benefit from it?

  • Mental stimulation - it gives your dog a job they will love so they don't go freelance!

  • Physical workout - 10 minutes sniffing is more tiring than an hours run

  • Scientifically proven to make your dog happier 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety - gives nervous dogs something to focus on

  • You will build a great relationship with your dog


In this course, we will teach your dog how to use his nose by utilising his natural ability to smell!  Your dog can smell 100,000 times better than you! In fact, they can detect half a teaspoon of sugar in an olympic size swimming pool!

First, we'll teach your dog to search for a particular target scent, and then once they know what they are looking for, we teach them to located it and indicate exactly where it is 


We'll teach your dog how to detect the scent with the following searches:


- Pipes

- Bags

- Chairs

- Vehicles

- Novel search areas


All easy to practise at home!  


At UK Sniffer Dogs we have taught every breed of dog you can imagine from Chihuahuas to Great Danes to do this.


Scent detection can also be particularly beneficial for:

  • Young puppies with a lot of energy to burn - as long as they've finished their vaccines you can bring them along

  • Adolescent dogs who are beginning to test the boundaries and would benefit from more focus

  • Over aroused dogs who have endless energy to burn

  • Working breeds of dogs in need of an activity to keep them busy

  • Elderly dogs who are not as mobile as they once were but who still have the drive to be active

  • Dogs recovering from surgery or injuries

  • Great for nervous dogs - using their noses is like a having safety blanket & is great confidence building

  • Reactive dogs that are undergoing training - scent is a great tool to help you redirect your dog's focus

What do I need to bring?

Your dog should wear a harness and flat collar for scent detection. Lead lengths of 1.5-2m are useful but not essential. You will need to bring some tasty treats chopped up into small pieces. Make sure you bring a treats pouch or wear something with a pocket you can put your dogs treats in. You may like to give your dog half it's normal breakfast allowance on the day of the workshop as we will be using food to train them. You will also need to purchase a red medium sized kong and should feed your dog in that in the weeks preceeding the workshop.  


My dog is reactive, can I still come?

Yes! This is the ideal place to bring a reactive dog. I normally have several reactive dogs in classes and most people would never notice. Using their noses is a great distraction. Please give Mike a call before you bring a reactive dog along so that we can put a plan in place to keep your dog calm and settled. 

If you have any questions please do get in touch for a chat. We very much hope to see you and your dog at a workshop soon!!



Our next Bronze dates are as follows:

From Saturday 25th July

9.30am to 11.30am 

3 week course

Merrist Wood College, Guildford 

£120 per dog

Book here

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