UK Sniffer Dogs

Scent detection for pet dogs!

Come along to our popular Sniffer Dog Course!  All dogs can take part and no previous training is required! 


We harness your dog's natural ability to use his nose and channel it into an activity that will make him calmer, more focused and less likely to get up to mischief!  Dogs LOVE scentwork, they LOVE using their noses, and they LOVE having a hobby they can do with their humans!

Scentwork is PERFECT for puppies, adult dogs, nervous dogs, hyperactive dogs, reactive dogs and elderly dogs!

  • The newest dog sport everyone wants to do!
  • Low impact sport
  • Calming / relaxing for everyone

  • Mental stimulation

  • Any dog can take part (puppies from 12 weeks old)

  • No previous training experience needed

  • Positive impact on behavioural problems

  • Easy to practise at home

Bronze Series 1 & 2 teaches your dog to indicate on a specific scent (the same way drugs and explosives dogs are trained), and then to find this scent in pipes, chairs, bags, vehicles and in rooms!  A super cool skill you can then practise at home to improve your dog's overall behaviour!

ALL dogs benefit from scent work!

The first level is Bronze and comes in 2 parts. Attend both parts and then come along to a trial to earn a certificate and rosette!  Then work your way up to Silver or Gold if desired!

We start with scent pipes, then move onto bags, chairs, vehicles, rooms and more!  There is so much fun to be had!


Next Course starts: 

Bronze Series 1 & 2 - 6 week course - Wednesday 4th March 8.15pm to 9.15pm in Guildford, Surrey

£110 per dog

Bronze Series 1 &2 - 6 week course - Saturday 14th March 10am to 11am - in Ewhurst, Surrey

£110 per dog

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