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Assistance puppy prospect

Gifted Assistance Dogs

Here at Adolescent Dogs, we run our Gifted Assistance Dog programme. We are not a charity, so this project is is entirely self funded through the work we do with our Online Academy and Online Assistance Dog Programme. Please join the programmes to help fund the work that we do!

Each year, we are lucky enough to be donated a couple of puppy's from AG Labradors in the UK. These Labrador puppies are a mix of show and working lines and are hand picked for our programme specifically to become assistance dogs.  

As part of our programme, we provide full training to each of these pups for the first 2 years of their lives so that they can become fully trained assistance dogs for their chosen families (whilst the pups live with their families for this whole duration)

Unfortunately opportunities to be gifted a pup from our programme are very limited, so not everyone who applies will be successful, but if you are a breeder or know a breeder who would like to donate to our programme, please do get in touch

Application process

Each year, we open up applications for families to apply for a gifted puppy from us.

The following criteria apply:


  • You will need a diagnosed disability that has a substantial impact on your day to day life

  • You will need to attend training sessions in Ewhurst, Surrey when required

  • You will need to be physically able to keep up the training

  • Please provide as much information about your needs when you apply so that we can match you to a pup

  • The puppy will be gifted to a family that needs help with their training journey, which we will support up to fully trained assistance dog (the training journey can take up to 18 months)

  • The puppy will receive 6 to 8 weeks of residential training to achieve their Bronze and Silver awards, as well as foundations for tasks. We also provide ongoing one to one lessons that will take place in Ewhurst, Surrey as often as needed to help owners to continue working through the award scheme.  Additional residential stays will be available to book with a 40% discount

  • You will be required to signup for Lifetime membership to the assistance dog programme (£499) to help with supporting the programme

  • The pup will always remain the property of Adolescent Dogs (so the pup cannot be sold or bred from)

If you feel you meet the above criteria, please feel free to fill out the application form 

Applications for our current and upcoming puppy for 2024 will close 1st September 2024

We have a puppy due with us May 2024 ready for placement in August/September 2024 to continue their training journey with their families

Meet the dogs from 2023 (now placed)
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