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Sponsor a Puppy

Join the Online Academy to help us change lives

Here at Adolescent Dogs, we run a Gifted Assistance Dog Programme which is entirely self funded through the work we do with our Online Academy

100% of our income generated from our Online Academy memberships is donated towards the full 2 year training for puppy's donated to us each year for our assistance dog programme, as well as allowing us to offer lower cost residential stays for assistance dogs across the UK

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Willow is training to be an assistance dog to support Autism and PTSD. He joined us in Summer 2023 and has passed his Puppy, Bronze and Silver Awards. 


He'll now be working towards his mitigating tasks and Gold Award with his family, along with our gifted support

See Willow's training video



Ember is training to be an assistance dog to support PTSD and Anxiety. She joined us in the Autumn of 2023 and has passed her Puppy, Bronze and Task Awards.

She'll now be working towards her Gold Award with her family along with our support


If you would like to support our Assistance Dog Programme, you can donate directly, or join our Online Academy

chihuahua dog with a donation can , collecting money for  charity, isolated on white backg


You can donate directly and choose the amount to donate.


All donations, no matter how small, help towards Willow's training, food, veterinary care and day to day care, as well as the gifted stays we provide throughout the year

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Online Academy

Join our Online Academy to gain instant access to over 400 video tutorials, plus our personal support and coaching. For just £24 per month, you'll have piece of mind that you're providing your dog with the best training. All profits are donated towards our Assistance Dog Programme. We also have an Online Assistance Dog Programme for those seeking support training their own assistance dog

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