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Sponsor a puppy: meet Neo

neo is an assistance dog in training, waiting to be partnered with his perfect handler!.pn

Neo is a coated Mexican Hairless (Xoloitzcuinlti), who we are raising and training as part of our Pay it Forward Campaign to help Owner Trained Assistance Dogs

100% of our income generated from our Online Academy memberships is donated towards training puppy's like Neo, as well as providing gifted residential stays for assistance dogs

Neo came to us at 8 weeks of age from Tamoanchan in the UK, where they gave him the very best start to his socialisation and early training. 

We have since taken Neo through our own successful socialisation programme, and worked through his training daily, the same way as we do with dogs who come to stay with us for residential training

Our main focus for Neo's training has been to ensure he is well socialised, and therefore indifferent to dogs and people in his environment, confident to navigate all kinds of busy places, and focused on his handler.

We have also worked on teaching Neo 'how' to learn, teaching him the foundation skills he will need to be able to learn any task that his new family may need.  In addition to this, Neo has passed his Gold Assistance Dog Award and is beginning to learn tasks, giving him a great foundation of training to be continued through to adulthood

This means that we're now seeking a family placement for Neo, so that he can be gifted as an assistance dog in training, along with our support.

As Neo hasn't been taught any specific tasks, he will be suitable for all kinds of placements, as these specific areas of training will be covered once he is placed

Neo will be around 30kg when fully grown, around the size of a Labrador. He sheds very little.

We are looking for:

  • An individual over 7 who has mobility issues, seizures or ptsd

  • An individual who can travel to Surrey at least 1 day per month, for continued training support and to customise Neo's training to your needs as he grows. 

  • An individual who is either able to continue the training themselves, or has full time support of someone who can

  • Neo's training will be customised to your needs, so he can be taught to retrieve items, open/close doors, push buttons, provide deep pressure therapy, emotional support, seizure alert etc

Our Assistance Dog Programmes help owners all over the UK who are training their own assistance dogs.  We work with individuals with physical disabilities, as well as those who need emotional support.  

To apply for Neo, please complete the form below, and consider donating towards our cause, so that we can continue raising & training puppies for those in need

If you would like to support our Assistance Dog Programme, you can donate directly, or join our Online Academy

chihuahua dog with a donation can , collecting money for  charity, isolated on white backg


You can donate directly and choose the amount to donate.


All donations, no matter how small, help towards Neo's training, food, veterinary care and day to day care, as well as the gifted stays we provide throughout the year

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Online Academy

Join our Online Academy to gain instant access to over 400 video tutorials, plus our personal support and coaching. For just £24 per month, you'll have piece of mind that you're providing your dog with the best training. All profits are donated towards our Assistance Dog Programme. We also have an Online Assistance Dog Programme for those seeking support training their own assistance dog

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Artwork commissions

We're offering artwork commissions, to raise money for our Assistance Dog Programme. Choose any amount from £50, and we'll send you a hand drawn picture of your dog in A4 using Pastel Pencils

Application for Neo

If you feel you would be a good match for Neo, and would like to apply for Neo to join your family, please complete the form below.

Sadly we can only choose one family, so please don't be too disappointed if you're not selected. We are aiming to train 2 to 3 dogs per year through our programme, so your application will go on file.

Application for Neo

Thanks for registering!

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