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Toni Broad

Advanced Junior Trainer High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire


Toni has recently joined our team as an accredited dog trainer with over 10 years experience training & walking dogs, bringing with her years of experience working with rescue dogs from Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue.   This has given her experience to work with ex-street dogs, helping to rehabilitate them and working through various behavioural issues.  

Toni lives with 4 dogs of her own on a large property with access to over 35 acres of secure land and paddocks, along with 3 resident retired horses and a day-care facility where she can train around other dogs and utilise the indoor training space when it's closed.


Nearby there are woodland walks, local pubs and shops to help with training in various locations.  Toni is able to take dogs onto public transport and train in central London and London dog parks, so is a popular choice for dogs who need to learn in busy environments

Toni is also able to take on dogs with separation anxiety who aren't crate trained as she is at home most of the time.

Toni is committed to continuing her education, undertaking courses and learning from the top experts in the industry to keep up to date with the latest science backed dog training methods.  She is passionate about reward based training and utilises toys, treats, games and praise to ensure your dog enjoys their stay and learns effectively whilst maintaining high welfare standards

Courses attended

  • First aid trained

  • IAABC ADT since 2021

  • Grisha Stewart’s CBATI-KA (Certified Behaviour Adjustment Traiining Instructor – Knowledge Assessed) – currently enrolled

  • Lemonade Conference

  • Clicker Expo 2021

  • Michael Shikashio – Mastercourse Aggression in Dogs

  • VSA Dog trainer course (ongoing)

  • Advanced Diploma Applied Animal Behaviour (Canine) – Level 5 (ongoing)

  • AbDogs Pro Dog Trainer 2022

  • DTC Certified Dog Trainer

  • DTC Reactivity Specialist

  • DTC Puppy Training Certified Specialist

  • DTC Scentwork Specialist

  • Dr Kathy Murphy - The Brain and Behaviour Through The Life Stages: Puppyhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Senior

  • IMDT Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns Webinar

  • IMDT Separation Anxiety and Related Disorders Webinar

  • Lori Stevens – Building Canine confidence with movement webinar

  • Marissa Martino – Big Feelings: Supporting Clients Living with dog reactivity (webinar)

  • Terrie Hayward – Separation anxiety: deciphering the behaviour (webinar)

  • Michael Shikashio - Stranger Danger - Dog to Human Aggression (webinar)

  • Michael shikashio - intra household dog-dog aggression: effective management , safety and restoring harmony

  • Kathy Sdao – Turning triggers into cues workshop

  • Sara Brueske – Patterns to build puppy confidence webinar

  • Megan Foster – Conflict free reward strategies webinar

  • Lucy Newton – Foundation Tracking 1 & 2 v\(irtual course)

  • Amy Cook - Helping Reactive and fearful dogs – The Play Way –

  • Know the Nose – One Day Nosework Seminar 2023

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