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Residential Dog Training

Here at Adolescent Dogs, we take the stress out of training by fast forwarding your training for you.


We can give your dog the absolute best start to their training and social skills and then provide you with a clear and easy training plan so you can spend more time together and feel confident taking your dog with you anywhere

The training syllabus


We can work through a wide variety of training goals and struggles including:

  • Puppy training and socialisation

  • Puppy toilet training & sleep training

  • Basic to advanced obedience cues

  • Social skills around dogs

  • Confidence building around dogs/people

  • Manners walking on the lead without pulling

  • Come when called from dogs/people/bunnies

  • Barking & lunging towards dogs

  • Barking & lunging towards people

  • Jumping up, mouthing, grabbing clothes

  • Chasing cars, bikes, joggers, kids

  • Manners with visitors

  • Household manners

  • Settling skills at home & restaurants

  • Stealing, counter surfing, resource guarding

  • And more!

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Home based training

The best part about our residential training programmes, is that it's unique to you and your dog! 

Your dog can either come to live with one of our trainers in their homes as part of the family, or you can come and learn alongside your dog each day!

We provide a completely bespoke training programme for your dog, transforming their behaviour in as little as 2 weeks. All of our training takes place out on location in the environments you need the training to work.

Our team of expert trainers offer a caring, secure, positive and safe environment for your family dog and only use positive training methods.  This means that your pup is treated as part of the family and receives the same love and attention they would at home.


Our trainers live in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex & Staffordshire. With a Nationwide and European collection service available

Residential Dog Training
Deciding who to trust


As trainers and dog owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to find someone you trust to care for your family dog


Throughout your dog's stay, receive regular photo & video updates and have daily contact with your trainer so that you have peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for, having fun and receiving training tailored to their needs

Intensive training is perfect for owners who want to ensure they are getting the training right and want the benefit of expert guidance from start to end. 


You shouldn't feel an ounce of guilt about seeking help for your dog. You are being a responsible dog owner, and both you and your dog will reap the rewards of having excellent training in place.

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