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Paying it forward to help Assistance Dogs

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Since setting up our Online Academy, we've met more and more dog owners who have struggled to apply for an assistance dog, or have failed to get help with training their own dogs.

Waiting lists are full and it's simply not easily accessible, taking many owners further away from their dream of training their dog to assist them in everyday life. This means owners are left with the challenging, and sometimes impossible task of training a dog themselves!

Having taken care of my own mother through a debilitating disability, which saw the complete loss of her ability to move independently and communicate, and seeing how much an assistance dog would have benefited her life and given her some much needed freedom and independence, we wanted to find a way to give back to the community and help people like her to live life to the fullest. This is my memorial to her.

The Online Academy was created during Lockdown 2020 whereby we've steadily created over 400 video tutorials which have supported the training of dog owners worldwide.

With the success of the Academy and the amazing community that has grown around it, we've been donating our own income generated from the Online Academy to support the training of assistance dogs.

This includes

  • Providing free training to puppies gifted to our assistance dog programme

  • Providing gifted residential stays (32 weeks gifted so far)

  • Providing discounted residential stays (77 teams supported)

  • Providing a low cost 'assistance dog academy' (Over 250 teams supported)

This means that whilst we're working hard to provide content and support for our Online Academy members, we're then donating our income from this to support Assistance Dogs in training!

What will you get for becoming a member?

By supporting us, you'll receive top quality online training for you and your dog, which includes:

  • Instant access to over 400 video tutorials, available to watch at a time to suit you

  • Train your dog in your own time and at your own pace, with our personal support

  • Take part in monthly challenges, to keep your training on track

  • Submit videos to earn your Canine Community Awards

  • Submit videos to earn your Trick Dog Titles

  • Watch Live training demos with novice dogs, to show realtime troubleshooting

  • Weekly Live Q&A with Mike, so you can ask questions about your dog's training

  • Post videos of your training sessions for our personal feedback

  • We'll help you to build weekly training plans, so you know which videos suit your dog

  • Share your training wins with our friendly & inclusive community

  • New videos are created all the time, and added FREE! Never pay more for the content we create!

Other ways you can help!

You can sign up and gift your membership to a dog owner in need!

We often have owners who would love to sign up to our training, but can't afford to do so. So your contribution can help to give vital training to those in need.

Training is valuable and helps to keep dogs in their family homes and out of rescue centres. If you'd like to donate your membership, please sign up and then email us direct to let us know:

Do you need help with training your own Assistance Dog?

Do you have a dog who you are training yourself to become an Assistance Dog?

We recommend signing up to our Online Owner Trained Assistance Dog Programme

Written by Jenny Newland

Adolescent Dogs, Director & Head Trainer

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Mar 17, 2023

Thank you so much for doing all of this to help assistance dogs 💕

you are making a massive difference to my life with my assistance dog In training and so many other people too

I genuinely don’t think we could’ve got to our current level without all your help videos messages and classes Jenny

thank you so much for everything you do

lots of love from Laura and Loveheartpuppywillow 🐾

Adolescent Dogs
Adolescent Dogs
Mar 28, 2023
Replying to

Ah thank you so much for the feedback :)

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