Paying it forward to help Assistance Dogs

Updated: Jul 19

Since setting up our Online Academy, we've met more and more dog owners who have struggled to apply for an assistance dog, or have failed to get help with training their own dogs.

Waiting lists are full and it's simply not easily accessible,

taking many owners further away from their dream of training their dog to assist them in everyday life. This means owners are left with the challenging, and sometimes impossible task of training a dog themselves!

Having taken care of my own mother through a deadly and debilitating disability, which saw the complete loss of her ability to move independently and communicate, and seeing how much an assistance dog would have benefited her life and given her some much needed freedom and indepenence, we wanted to find a way to give back to the community and help people like her to live life to the fullest

And so the Online Academy was born. We've spent the last year creating over 350 video tutorials and supporting the training of dog owners worldwide.

With the success of the Academy and the amazing community that has grown around it, we'll now be donating our own income generated from the Online Academy to provide gifted residential stays and training to Assistance Dogs, to enable their owners to be as independent as possible, and to equip them with the skills & knowledge needed to continue their training journey's.

This means that whilst we're working hard to provide content and support for our Academy members, we're then donating all of our income from this to support Assistance Dogs in training!

This means we'll be donating over £75,000 worth of training every single year to those in need
We ask you to help us to grow our community so that together, we can change lives and in turn, help support even more owners and their dogs