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28 Day Nosework Challenge

Accessible worldwide for £22!

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The 28 Day Nosework Challenge starts on the 1st February


This is exclusive to our Online Academy VIP CLUB, so when you sign up, you'll also benefit from the VIP content!

We welcome you to join other dog owners from around the world on this 1 month nosework challenge!

Come and learn how to harness the power of your dogs nose, and benefit in engaging your dog in scentwork! This popular dog sport is perfect for dogs of all ages, from young puppies up to seniors!

The benefits are huge! Scentwork helps to lower arousal levels, builds calm, increases focus, improves relationships and is an amazing confidence booster!

And it's super easy to teach from the comforts of your own home, with very minimal equipment required!

Use the code NOSEWORKCHALLENGE before 2nd February for 35% off!

How it works:

The Nosework Challenge is being posted directly into our Online Academy VIP CLUB where you'll:

- Watch daily step by step video tutorials

- See how we progress the training right from the start

- Weekly Live training for troubleshooting

- Submit your videos for expert feedback

- Ask questions on the weekly Live Q&A

So what will we cover?

🐶 Scent pairing - teaching your dog how to recognise a specific odour

🐶 Indications - teaching your dog how to indicate clearly when finding the scent

🐶 Search areas - teach your dog how to search bags, chairs, novel search areas and underwater searches!

🐶 Problem solving - showing you how to build your search areas, how to add duration to your indications, distraction proofing, building stamina for searches and more!

All of our training methods are positive and reward based. 

To join, all you need to do is sign up to our Online Academy VIP CLUB! 

Whilst you're with us, you'll also have access to everything the VIP CLUB has to offer, including over 100 video tutorials, ebooks, training plans, bonus videos, weekly Live Zoom Chats with our expert trainers, weekly Live training demos, feedback on your training, customised training plans, support, and more!

We're offering an exclusive 35% discount for February, which means you can join us for less than £1 per day!

Our VIP CLUB is Pay as you go, so you can cancel anytime!

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