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Natalie Meier

Advanced Senior Trainer, Worcester


Natalie was personally trained by Jenny & Mike and has been part of the team for the past 9 years. She has a wealth of experience working with a variety of breeds of dog and gets excellent results with all of the dogs that she takes in for training.  Natalie lives in a busy household with her partner and 3 children (10 yrs and 2 yr and 1 yr), as well as their family dog. 


She regularly attends seminars and courses with world renowned trainers & behaviourists to help further her professional development.


Natalie is passionate about reward-based training and all of her training is done using treats, toys, games and lots of praise to ensure your dog enjoys their stay and learns effectively whilst maintaining high welfare standards.

Natalie owns a Belgian Shepherd who she has trained to an advanced level of training using modern, reward based training methods.  


Natalie's setup is ideal for anyone who needs their dog trained and reliable within a busy household, as well as training and socialisation around dogs​.  

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

  • Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Senior

  • Brenda Aloff Academy 

  • ​6 Years Experience Training at Adolescent Dogs

  • Attended Dog First Aid Course 2017

  • School of Canine Science - Behaviour Bible (currently studying) 2021

  • Grisha Stewart - Attended Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT)

  • John Rogerson - Attended Reactive Dogs Seminar at the Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour

  • Forrest Micke - Engagement Skills Webinar

  • Forrest Micke - Heelers Toolbox Beginners & Intermediate webinar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Attended Simple solutions for common behaviour and training problems Seminar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar -  Attended A critical analysis of existing learning theory seminar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Attended  Pros and cons of the 5 reward based training techniques Seminar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Attended Dog Aggression Fighting & Biting Seminars

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Growl Classes Webinar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Attended Science based dog training with feeling

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Crucial concepts in dog behaviour and training Webinar

  • Dr Ian Dunbars Sirius Dog Training Academy Webinars

  • Trevor Cooper - Attended Dog Law Seminar, Nina Bondarenko - Smarter Dog Training

  • David Ryan - Attended Predatory Chase Behaviour in dogs

  • Trevor Cooper -  Attended My dog and the dangerous dogs act

  • Sharon Bolt - 7 simple ways to get a well behaved dog Webinar

  • IMDT Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Attended Canine Rehabilitation & Aggression Seminar

Watch videos of dogs trained by Natalie below

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