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Naomi White, BSc (Hons), GODT, PPN, PPG

Advanced Senior Trainer Ash Vale, Hampshire


Naomi has been part of the team since 2016 and has worked her way up to Advanced Senior Trainer. She has a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, which she completed with a First.


She is passionate about continuing her education and keeping up-to-date with the latest training and behaviour research, enabling her to develop her skills and methods to find the best approaches for different dogs and their owners.


She has a particular interest in behaviour cases, and her calm, patient nature makes her an ideal choice for working with more challenging problems, including reactivity towards dogs or people, resource guarding, and confidence building for dogs with fears and phobias.


Naomi is passionate about reward-based training and all of her training is done using treats, toys, games and lots of praise to ensure your dog enjoys their stay and learns effectively whilst maintaining high welfare standards.


She is also a 5* licenced home boarder with Guildford Borough Council, achieving the highest level of standards.


Naomi only takes in 2 dogs for training at any one time, allowing her to offer a personal and exclusive training service. She has a quiet, child-free home environment with two dogs of her own, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and a mixed breed rescue.


She lives in a village with easy access to busy town environments as well as quieter locations. She can also access a variety of walking areas, ranging from busy parks, woodlands and open spaces.


She is able to work in environments and situations suitable for each dog’s specific training needs, ensuring they receive the most personalised training.


Naomi also writes blogs for our website, offering advice for dog owners and covering a range of training and behaviour issues. In addition to this, she assists on our online academy, regularly filming live training sessions and trouble-shooting training/behaviour challenges to give our academy members an insight into the work we do.


Naomi regularly attends seminars and courses with some of the most world-renowned trainers and behaviourists to help with her continued professional development.


She is proud to be a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network (PPN), an approved Instructor for the Guild of Dog Trainers (GODT), a member of the Pet Professional Guild for Force Free Dog Trainers and is a Dog Training College Approved Instructor


Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

  • Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Senior

  • BSc Hons Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare

  • Member of the Guild of Dog Trainers (GODT)

  • Dog Training College Approved Instructor

  • Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network (PPN)

  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild for Force Free Dog Trainers (PPG)

  • 2023 Behavior Vets – Understanding Trauma in Dogs 2023

  • Sarah Whitehead – Canine Sex, Hormones & Neutering 2023

  • Dog Behaviour Conference 2023

  • Behavior Vets – Game Changer Medication: Trazodone, Gabapentin, Clonidine & Benzos 2023

  • Behavior Vets – To Spay or Not to Spay 2023

  • Behavior Vets – Building Resilience for Adolescent Dogs 2023

  • Behavior Vets – The Neuroscience of Frustration in Dogs

  • Currently enrolled on Level 5 Advanced Diploma Applied Animal Behaviour

  • Reinforcement strategies Seminar with Anna Herzog - 2023

  • Advanced Training Skills Seminar with Anna Herzog - 2023

  • Canine Principles – Canine Reactive BehaviouAccredited Advanced Certificate - 2022

  • Canine Principles – Canine Anxiety Certificate - 2021-22

  • Canine Principles – Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Dog Professionals - 2022

  • Dog Behaviour Conference - 2022

  • International Dog Behaviour Conference 2020

  • School of Canine Science - Nutrition and Behaviour - 2020

  • Canine Principles - Canine Fear Accredited Certificate Course - 2020

  • Craig Ogilvie - Interactive Play Workshop - 2020

  • Kamal Fernandez - 2 Day Practical Training Seminar on Dog Training & Behaviour - 2019

  • UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Seminar with Mike Newland - 2019

  • Alex Wilson - 2 Day Tellington TTouch Seminar - 2019

  • Absolute Dogs - Naughty but Nice Intensive practical 3 day course 2019

  • Craig Ogilvie - Communicating with Your Over Stimulated Dog Seminar 2018

  • Craig Ogilvie – Canine Body Language Seminar 2019

  • Sarah Whitehead - Attended Practical Instructor Course 2018

  • Ian Dunbar - Science Based Dog Training with Feeling Webinar

  • Ian Dunbar - Common Dog Behaviour and Training Problems Webinar

  • ​Brenda Aloff - Canine Body Language Seminar - 2018

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) - Career as a Dog Trainer Course 2018

  • Attended the National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference 2018

  • ​Nando Brown - The Science of Learning Theory Seminar

  • Ian Dunbar's SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy Webinar

  • Ian Dunbar Reliability and Games Webinar

  • 2017 Canine First Aid

  • Hungary Hearts dog rescue volunteer - rehabilitating rescue dogs​​

Watch videos of dogs trained by Naomi below

The combination of the short training videos and programmes, using real untrained dogs and
We've recently finished a 3 week residential with Adolescent Dogs, our trainer was Naomi w
We sent our adolescent dog who was very reactive to stay with Bekki for four weeks. Sendin
We sent our adolescent dog who was very reactive to stay with Bekki for four weeks. Sendin
We sent our adolescent dog who was very reactive to stay with Bekki for four weeks. Sendin
We sent our adolescent dog who was very reactive to stay with Bekki for four weeks. Sendin
“Best Thing I Did For My Dog!” I adopted an ex police dog last year that had served nearly
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