Leading Specialists of Residential Dog Training in the UK

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Fast, effective & proven training for puppies and adult dogs.  Your dog can achieve training success and long term results in less than 4 weeks via residential dog training.   Deciding who to trust with your beloved family dog is a tough decision to make. Our team of trainers offer a caring, secure, positive and safe family environment.

  •  Home boarding in a secure, positive and safe family environment
  • Team of caring, professional trainers, matched to your individual dog
  • Training out on location for realistic results
  • Training success and long term results in less than 4 weeks
  • Tailor-made dog training programmes 
  • Positive, reward based dog training
  • Over 60 years experience 
  • 15,000 followers onSocial Media
  • 5 Star Reviews from happy dog owners
  • Dog Training Classes in Guildford
  • Ourtrainers are based in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, London, Dorset and Devon.  We have clients travel to us from all over the UK & Europe. Nationwide collection available.
  • Over 1,000 videos featured on YouTube show success with hundreds of dogs


We can help to recommend the best breed for your family, as well as help to find a good, reputable breeder

Call 0203 105 5527,

or Freephone 0800 222 9007

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“Can't Praise Them Enough!!!” Written on: 05/10/2016 by skyetrollope 
"This is probably the best money spent, can't believe they taught my dog so much in such a short time. Contact and communication during training was A1* and would recommend it to anyone, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! My dog Skye a 9 month old Bichon Frise is most certainly a better dog for his experience."

Leading specialists of Residential Dog Training in the UK