Puppy Socialisation

The perils of socialisation

We are all told about the importance of early socialisation but less is said about the dangers of improper socialisation. Socialisation should be interactive, it’s not a case of letting the puppy get on with it, or blindly carrying him around assuming he’s taking it all in, nor is it a case of throwing him into every possible situation, exposing him to everything and everyone as quickly as possible!

Socialisation should involve careful consideration of your puppy’s feelings, emotions and responses to experiences. You should interact with him and support your puppy through each experience, there is a careful balance between being supportive while also allowing a puppy to explore and learn.

Understanding your puppy’s personality is important. Do you have a puppy who is sensitive and takes time to choose to explore? Does he need time to adjust after being spooked or startled? Does your puppy bound enthusiastically into everything? Do they quickly bounce back after being startled?