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Surviving Adolescence

Live Webinar with Mike Newland on 6th March at 6.30pm UTC

The teenage years are the hardest for many dog owners to navigate.

In fact, it's the prime time for behavioural issues to develop, for relationships to break down, and many dogs find themselves dumped in rescue before they reach their 1st birthday!

In this webinar, we're going to help you to survive adolescence!

We'll cover:

* When Adolescence starts and what to look for

* How to avoid the development of typical teenage behavioural problems

* How behavioural issues develop, and how to stop them becoming lifelong problems

*Learn about the role hormones play on your dogs behaviour and relationships

* Practical training solutions to help you navigate adolescence

* Understanding training regression and why it happens

*Understand how your dog's brain works, rehearsal of behaviour, and neural pathways

* The importance of building a strong relationship with your dog, and how to survive adolescence!


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Recorded Webinar - available for immediate playback


Are you worried about how much socialisation your dog is getting during lockdown? Are you worried you've already missed the boat? Then this is the MOST Important webinar you will watch this year!

If your dog:

  • Is a new puppy at the very start of their journey outdoors

  • Has a failing recall because they are over excited by other dogs

  • Lunges towards dogs or people on the lead

  • Is fearful or reactive towards dogs or people

  • Is lacking in confidence

Then this Webinar is exactly what you need

Lack of socialisation is a big worry for nearly all dog owners, and the way we socialise our dogs can have a huge impact on how our dogs develop, and their long term behaviour.

Head Trainer Mike Newland, discussed the pros and cons of lockdown, with practical solutions for ensuring your dog is properly socialised during lockdown

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Recorded Webinar - available for immediate playback


It can feel lonely, isolating, and embarrassing to walk a reactive dog. Do you feel overwhelmed when you take your dog for a walk?

If your dog is barking and lunging at dogs or people, through fear, frustration, excitement or previous history, then this webinar is for you!

In this Webinar, our Head Trainer Mike Newland covered

  • What is reactivity and where it comes from

  • Is your dog reactive or aggressive?

  • Development of reactivity

  • The science behind reactivity & your dog's brain

  • The reality of living with a reactive dog

  • Practical training solutions for improving your dog's behaviour

  • Answers to owner questions

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Recorded Webinar - available for immediate playback


Are you struggling to engage your dog in challenging environments? Is food just not cutting it?  

In this Webinar, our Head Trainer Mike Newland discusses

  • The science behind rewards

  • The difference between a reward & a reinforcer

  • Reinforcement delivery & how it impacts our training

  • Rewards & effects on behaviour

  • How to phase out food (when ready)

  • How to use what your dog LOVES as a reinforcer (play with dogs, hunting, fetch, swimming, greeting people)

Join the VIP CLUB to watch this webinar now!

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