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Our weekly Tracking Games is a fun way to teach Tracking to your pet dog via our Online Programme. It's a unique way for your dog to use their nose, and the BEST way to tire them out for the evening so that they can settle (Rather than trying to walk them for miles everday) (12).png

Our Online Worldwide Tracking Games Course starts 5th May!


Don't worry, the videos are recorded, so you can watch back at a time to suit you!


This is the perfect way to give your pet dog a job to do with their nose, and it's FUN!


Just 10 minutes of sniffing is equal to an hours run, so it's the BEST way to tire your dog out, ready for them to settle in the evening with the family, and better than trying to tire your dog out with endless walks!


We'll be delivering weekly bite sized video tutorials with a completely novice dog, showing you how to get started with Tracking with your own dog, teaching your dog how to follow a track you've laid (with your scent or someone elses), and to find missing items along the way (useful if you lose your keys)


It's SUPER EASY to teach to your dog, even puppies can learn it, and it's easy to have fun with in the garden or out on walks


So how do you join in? Simply join our Online Academy VIP CLUB from as little as £16 per month (or pay weekly), and access the videos via our online platform or our Facebook community group!


You'll benefit from our expert support and coaching, so we can help to troubleshoot any problems along the way!

Perfect for:

  • Young puppies who are learning about the world

  • Older dogs who need to keep their minds stimulated

  • Any dog who has a ton of energy that you can't seem to satisfy

  • Any dog who you want to improve your relationship and have fun together

  • Dogs who love to follow scents, trails or run off hunting

  • Dogs who lack confidence or who are nervous (it's great for confidence building)

  • Dogs who are reactive (it's perfect for reducing reactivity)

  • Dogs who bark at everything (perfect for stimulating them in a healthy way)

If you said YES to any of the above, then these games are for YOU! 

Once you sign up, not only will you access our weekly Tracking Games, but you'll also gain access to all 16 of our Online Courses with over 350 video tutorials, and benefit from our personal, expert support and coaching. So if you have other areas of training that you'd like to make improvements to, it's all there ready for you!  

Sign up here

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£6.99 per week

Subscribe weekly and cancel anytime!  Perfect if you need to take a break at any point



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£16.50 per month

Sign up for the whole year to give your dog the very BEST training journey



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£24 per month

Subscribe monthly and cancel anytime!  Perfect if you need to take a break at any point. Use this option if you have a code also



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Then £24 permonth

7 day free trial, then pay monthly.  A great way to try out our great content before committing


Free Trial

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£19 per month

Subscribe to every 3 months and save!



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£16.80 per month

30% discount to Blue Light Card Holders. Please email proof of your Blue Light Card



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