Introducing your cat to your puppy

Updated: Apr 11

I have 3 cats and 8 dogs of my own, so have introduced cats to dogs and dogs to cats many times over the years.

If you've brought home a new puppy or rescue dog and already have a resident cat, or you've already got a resident dog and you're bringing home a new kitten or adult cat, then I'm sure you're keen to teach them to live together harmoniously as soon as possible!

If you already have a cat and a dog living together and you're having problems, go back to basics as below and treat them like you're introducing them fresh

Bringing home a new kitten

First things first, when you bring home your new kitten (or adult cat), set them up in a quiet room on their own with a cat tree, bed, litter tray and food/water bowls and let them settle for at least 1 week before introducing them to the other resident pets. You can do a bedding exchange during this time to introduce the scent of other pets to your kitten and vise versa.