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Petra Maggiore

Advanced Senior Trainer Crawley, West Sussex


Petra is one of our Advanced Senior Trainers and has been a valued member of the Adolescent Dogs team for over 10 years. She is passionate about scentwork and is a Gold UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor, which means she can incorporate scentwork into any training programme, this is ideal for building confidence in puppies, reducing reactivity in adult dogs, or for alert work with assistance dogs

She has worked with a wide variety of dogs, giving her the experience and skills needed to work through any training or behaviour struggle, including working closely with assistance dogs  


Petra only takes in 2 to 3 dogs for training at any one time, so is able to offer a more personal and exclusive training service. You'll be sure to receive plenty of photos and videos throughout your dog's training stay, along with video tutorials and explanations along the way so that you can track your dog's progress. 


She provides training in her quiet, child-free family home alongside her 3 dogs (2 Boxers and a Cocker Spaniel) who are all trained to a high standard. 

Living near to both woodland and a busy town, Petra is able to customise the training to cater to specific training needs, whether your dog needs training in woodland, in busy parks, at the beach or in the city. 


Petra is passionate about reward-based training and all of her training is done using treats, toys, games and lots of praise to ensure your dog enjoys their stay and learns effectively whilst maintaining high welfare standards.


Petra is passionate about continuing her education and keeping up-to-date with the latest training and behaviour research, enabling her to develop her skills and methods to find the best approaches for different dogs and their owners.

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

  • Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Senior

  • School of Canine Science - Behaviour Bible (currently undertaking)

  • UK Sniffer Dogs Silver Instructor - 2020

  • Reinforcement strategies Seminar with Anna Herzog - 2023

  • Advanced Training Skills Seminar with Anna Herzog - 2023

  • Monthly Training with Kamal Fernandez - 2020

  • Craig Ogilvie - Interactive Play Workshop - 2020

  • Craig Ogilvie - Communication, arousal and problematic behaviours seminar - 2020

  • Alex Wilson - 2 Day Tellington TTouch Seminar - 2019

  • Amber Batson - Fearful Fido Seminar 2019

  • Kamal Fernandez - 2 Day Practical Training Seminar on Dog Training & Behaviour - 2019

  • Kamal Fernandez - Reactivity, dispelling the myths seminar 2019

  • Chirag Patel - Attended Giving training back to the Animals - 2018

  • Attended ​​Victoria Stillwell ‘what to do when’ 2018
    Attended National Dog Behaviour Conference 2018 

  • IMDT- Attended Canine aggression and rehabilitation - 2018

  • Chirag Patel -  Attended Managing and Modifying problem behaviours - 2018

  • Chirag Patel - Attended Canine body language - 2018

  • John Rogerson - Attended Ultimate recall 2017

  • Craig Ogilvie - Attended Interactive play workshop 2017

  • ​Canine First Aid Certificate

  • Ian Dunbar - Attended Behaviour and Training problems 2017

  • Ian Dunbar - Attended Biting and Fighting 2017

  • Ian Dunbar - The Easiest, Quickest, Most Effective and Enjoyable way to Train your puppy/dog,

  • Behaviour programs for dog professionals,

  • IMDTB (Dave Brice) - Attended  Impulse Control, 2017

  • IMDTB (Dave Brice) - Attended Resource Guarding, 2017

  • Dean Nicholas - Teach my Pet, 2016

  • Attended Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffendem - SuperDogs - 2017

  • Michael Ellis - Teaching Engagement Skills Webinar

  • Brenda Aloff Academy Online

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Science Based Dog Training with Feeling Webinar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Sirius Dog Training Academy Online

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Common sense & cutting edge concepts in Behaviour & Training Webinar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Simple solutions for common Behaviour & Training problems Webinar

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Dog Aggression Fighting & Biting Seminars

  • ​Michael Ellis - Teaching our dogs the Rules of Play Webinar

Watch videos of dogs trained by Petra below

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