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Jen Ballerino, BSc (Hons), PPG

Advanced Junior Chertsey, Surrey


Jen joined our team in 2022 and is an Advanced Junior Trainer. 

She has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science and continues to expand her knowledge of dog training and behaviour, both through practical experience and further education from courses and seminars.

She has a particular interest in animal nutrition after specialising on the subject in her dissertation. She is passionate about advising dog owners on the best nutrition for their pets in order to help improve their quality of lives.

Jen lives in a quiet child-free home in Chertsey, with her foster dog who is a Spaniel mix. She has close access to the busy town centre and a variety of walking locations, including parks and woodlands, allowing her to personalise the training each dog receives and proof their training in specific environments.


She mainly specialises in working with small to medium sized dogs. Having owned a Collie in the family, Jen particularly enjoys working with collies and has experience with their unique traits and needs. She has worked with a range of dogs since joining Adolescent Dogs and broadened her skills with a variety of breeds and training needs. Jen is also an excellent match for puppies who need early socialisation and training.


Jen takes 1 or 2 dogs at any one time so she is able to provide a loving, home-from-home environment. She loves taking photos and will ensure you get plenty sent to you during your dog’s stay and keep you updated on their progress.


Jen works closely alongside our Advanced Senior level trainers and her mentors Naomi and Katie who are able to offer practical support. She has also gained experience working with assistance dogs via our Pay it Forward scheme to help assistance dogs in need and has proven her skills in teaching new behaviours and task-work.


Jen is a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), promoting force free dog training and is committed to keeping up with new and improved training techniques and research.

Courses & memberships

  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

  • BSc (Hons) in Animal Science (Animal behaviour, welfare & nutrition)

  • Predatory behaviour in dogs - Jean Donaldson 2023

  • Advanced Training Skills Seminar with Anna Herzog - 2023

  • Reinforce Strategies Seminar with Anna Herzog - 2023

  • Canine Principles - Canine Coaching Foundations - 2022

  • Canine Principles - Canine Anxiety - 2023

  • Canine Principles - The Dog Rescuers Guide - 2022

  • Canine Principles - Loose lead walking - 2022

  • Dunbar Academy - Professional Dog Trainer Programme - 2022

  • Mike Newland - Basic Instructional Techniques Course - 2022

  • Jo Rosie Haffenden - Separation Anxiety Webinar

  • Adolescent Dogs Online Academy member

  • Mike Newland - Simple Solutions to Common Training Struggles Webinar - 2022

  • Mike Newland - Food Rewards 101 Webinar

  • Mike Newland - Resource Guarding Webinar 2022

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