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Jen Ballerino, BSc (Hons), PPG

Senior Trainer Chertsey, Surrey


Jen is a Senior Trainer and is a valuable member of the Adolescent Dogs team. She has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science and continues to expand her knowledge of dog training and behaviour, both through practical experience and further education from courses and seminars.

Jen lives in a quiet child-free home in Chertsey, with her own well trained dog who is a Spaniel mix, he is an excellent role model for the dogs who come to stay for training.  She has close access to the busy town centre and a variety of walking locations, including parks and woodlands, as-well as Jenny & Mikes goats, children and cats, allowing her to personalise the training each dog receives and proof their training in specific environments.


She specialises in working with small to medium sized dogs and has experience working with a variety of breeds and training issues.  She has also gained experience working with many of our assistance dog teams and is able to teach tasks and advanced training exercises


Jen takes 1 or 2 dogs at any one time so she is able to provide a loving, home-from-home environment. She loves taking photos and will ensure you get plenty sent to you during your dog’s stay and keep you updated on their progress.


Jen is a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), promoting force free dog training and is committed to keeping up with new and improved training techniques and research.

Courses & memberships

  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

  • BSc (Hons) in Animal Science (Animal behaviour, welfare & nutrition)

  • Ian Dunbar - Out of control dog summit - 2024

  • Sarah Whitehead - Sex, Hormones and Castration - 2023

  • Sarah Hedderly - The Border collie summit - 2023

  • Xtra dog - Tellington touch camp - 2023

  • Predatory behaviour in dogs - Jean Donaldson 2023

  • Advanced Training Skills Seminar with Anna Herzog - 2023

  • Reinforce Strategies Seminar with Anna Herzog - 2023

  • Canine Principles - Canine Coaching Foundations - 2022

  • Canine Principles - Canine Anxiety - 2023

  • Canine Principles - The Dog Rescuers Guide - 2022

  • Canine Principles - Loose lead walking - 2022

  • Dunbar Academy - Professional Dog Trainer Programme - 2022

  • Mike Newland - Basic Instructional Techniques Course - 2022

  • Jo Rosie Haffenden - Separation Anxiety Webinar

  • Adolescent Dogs Online Academy member

  • Mike Newland - Simple Solutions to Common Training Struggles Webinar - 2022

  • Mike Newland - Food Rewards 101 Webinar

  • Mike Newland - Resource Guarding Webinar 2022

IJen B did a brilliant job with Finley, not only in his training but in the genuine love a
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Ray the Bull Terrier - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Ray the Bull Terrier - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Ray the English bull terrier has completed his 3 week residential training stay with his trainer. Ray’s puppy mouthing had got out of hand and he was starting to properly bite and jump at his owners, causing injury to them. This was also spreading to visitors and other people on walks. Ray would run over to other dogs and people on walks and ignore his owners. We have worked on establishing a good recall cue and other various ways to keep Ray focused on his handler so his owners will have more control on walks. Ray was also showing several resource guarding behaviours at home however, during his stay we put into place a routine to ensure he was getting enough sleep to prevent him from being overtired which was causing a lot of these issues as he wasn’t getting the sleep he so desperately needed at his age. In addition, teaching Ray different cues and ensuring he was enjoying himself has enabled him to bond with his trainer which in turn has prevented Ray feeling as though he needed to show any guarding behaviours. We also worked on ‘Drop’ cue so his owners can safely play games with him in a controlled manner. Ray has really enjoyed learning but he’s in a really tricky stage at the moment. Being an adolescent male bull terrier, a lot of management will need to remain in place so he is able to mature into a well rounded adult. His owners how have the tools and knowledge to safely continue Ray’s training journey! We have also worked on Ray’s loose lead walking 08002229007
Rosie the Hungarian Vizsla - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Rosie the Hungarian Vizsla - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Client feedback: "We are so pleased we came to you for help. I can now walk Rosie and move around the house without being jumped on and/or bitten. There is still work to do in the garden but the down hand signal that Jen taught Rosie is brilliant. It’s hard to admit but was at the point of giving Rosie up as it was so difficult but from the moment we contacted you I knew we’d be able to keep her" Rosie the 14 month old Hungarian Vizsla has returned home to her family after her 3 week residential training stay with us to get on top of her very inappropriate behaviour of jumping and mouthing very hard out of frustration! We have seen a big improvement in Rosie in the time she’s been with us, we have consistently reinforced calmer behaviours from her which has made a huge difference. She is now able to think rather than acting on impulse and redirecting her frustrated behaviour. Walks are much more enjoyable now that Rosie isn’t hanging off your arm or giving you a black eye from her incessant jumping and mouthing! We have taught her some cues to help with her control including a solid lie down cue which her owners can now use when she’s getting excited so that she can be calmed down rather than jumping all over her owner. As well as this Rosie was very worried about other dogs so we have done a lot of confidence building with her. When she arrived with us, she’d run up to other dogs wanting to play then bolt in the opposite direction after deciding they were too scary! Now her owners have the tools to show Rosie that she doesn’t need to run away but instead come to her owners for support who will control the situation. We anticipate there will be some tricky times ahead while Rosie starts learning new habits back at home but we will be here to support her family every step of the way. Good luck Rosie and see you in the new year 😊 #jumpingbiting #residentialdogtraining #positivedogtraining
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