Our Online Dog Training Clinics are available worldwide and we have had over 700 dog owners from over 15 countries attend with great success

These are presented online via Facebook, guided by our Head Trainers Mike Newland and Jenny Trigg using modern, science based training without fear or pain.  We use motivational techniques which include using markers, toys and food to train your dog.

Videos are available to access at any time of the day, and you keep the content for life, so watch back anytime.

We recommend booking multiple clinics to get the most out of training, as each clinic focuses on a very specific area of training.  


How does it work?


Our Clinics are interactive, which means you get our expert guidance daily for 4 weeks!  

You'll receive


  • Exclusive access to a Private Facebook Support Group

  • 3 bite sized recorded videos to the group each week for you to watch and practise at home at a time to suit you

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A videos troubleshooting your dog's training struggles. Ask questions LIVE, or leave a question and watch the recording back if you can't make it

  • Content is customised to the needs of each group (we'll add/change content if requested)

  • Submit videos of your own training sessions for constructive feedback and communicate with us daily!

  • Ask questions daily and get advice & support

  • Webinars giving simple solutions to common training & behaviour problems

  • You'll have lifetime access to the group, so that you can rewatch videos and it doesn't matter if you can't keep up!

  • Includes a digital certificate of completion


We have 7 great clinics starting 1st June, including Puppy, Reactivity, Impulse Control, Lead Pulling, Recall, Naughty Dog and Enrichment/Tricks/Scentwork

We recommend attending a combination of clinics to benefit from all areas of training


Each of our clinics is 4 weeks long and cover specific topics to help guide you with your dog's individual training needs. 

From as little as Only £25 per clinic for 4 weeks of incredible content! That's less than £1 per day! 

Click Book Now on each clinic to book, and we'll send you an email with booking information within 24 hours.

If you'd prefer to pay via bank transfer, please email us for the details

If you're an NHS worker, you can benefit from free access to one clinic of your choice. Please email proof of NHS status by emailing us from your NHS email address with a photo of your NHS card

Want to book multiple clinics?
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If you book multiple clinics, please email us your choices:

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Puppy Clinic

Starts 1st June . £35 for 4 weeks, or book all 7 for just £25 each

If you have a puppy who is 8 weeks old or more, or have an adult dog in need of a refresher, then this clinic is for you!  We'll be covering everything from basic training to socialisation during lockdown, puppy problem behaviours and confidence building


⭐️Response to name

⭐️Engagement games

⭐️Sit and down

⭐️Boundary training / send to bed


⭐️Enrichment zones & socialisation

⭐️Confidence building


⭐️Settle cue


⭐️Basic heeling / lead walking

⭐️Manners meeting people / jumping


⭐️Doorway manners

⭐️Socialisation during lockdown

⭐️Problem solving play biting, toilet training, crate training, barking, stealing, over excitability, putting on equipment (collars/lead/harness)

Good clinics to compliment this course: naughty dog, lead pulling, recall and enrichment

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Dog Reactivity

Starts 1st June. £35 for 4 weeks, or book all 7 for just £25 each

This 4 week clinic will help to get on top of your dog's reactivity towards dogs or people! So if your dog barks at dogs or people due to fear, excitement, frustration, lack of social skills etc. 


⭐️Relationship building

⭐️Enrichment zones

⭐️Counter conditioning

⭐️Sit Wait proofing

⭐️Let's Go cue

⭐️Middle - the portable safe place

⭐️Lead pressure exercises

⭐️Loose lead walking techniques

⭐️Impulse control 

⭐️Manipulating arousal

⭐️Play skills


⭐️Understanding trigger stacking

⭐️Reading body language

⭐️Understanding your dog's reactivity

⭐️Discussing trigger stacking, arousal, science behind reactivity, training thresholds, motivation, counter conditioning

Good clinics to compliment this course: Nauhghty dog, Impulse control, lead pulling and enrichment

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Lead Pulling Clinic

Starts 1st June £35 for 4 weeks, or book all 7 for just £25 each

Improve your dog's lead walking so that they don't drag you down the road everyday!


We'll show you force free lead walking techniques, heeling exercises, handling techniques, heeling games, engagement, building close proximity and obedience cues which will all aid in achieving reliable lead walking.


⭐️Lead handling techniques

⭐️Equipment cues

⭐️Heeling games

⭐️Close proximity games

⭐️Lead pressure exercises

⭐️Impulse control

⭐️Distraction proofing

⭐️On and off lead heeling

⭐️Figure 8 walking

⭐️Let's go cue

⭐️Release cues



⭐️Discussing frustration, consistency, training tips, equipment etc

Good clinics to compliment this course: Enrichment and naughty dog (plus recall if your dog doesn't come when called)

Naughty Dog Clinic (8).png

Tricks, Scentwork & Enrichment Clinic

Starts 1st June. £35 for 4 weeks, or book all 7 for just £25 each

This clinic is a great way to compliment any of the other clinics.  By providing our dogs with mental enrichment opportunities, we can reduce unwanted behaviour, calm reactivity and improve our relationship with our dogs so that  they are more likely to listen and respond to us

We'll cover

⭐️ Building novelty zones at home

⭐️ Building enrichment areas

⭐️ Foundation scentwork training to use your dog's nose

⭐️ Nose targets / indication

⭐️ Close the door

⭐️ Wrap around at a distance cue

⭐️ Feet up on multiple objects for confidence building

⭐️ Rear feet shaping / walking backwards

⭐️ Retrieve an object for hide & seek games

⭐️ Stationary leg weaves

This is a great complimentary course for all of the clinics, to help lower your dog's arousal level, provide tasks for rest days, and to boost your relationship with your dog

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Naughty Dog Clinic

Starts 1st June . £35 for 4 weeks, or book all 7 for just £25 each

Over this 4 week clinic, we address common problems such as barking at everything and nothing, barking for attention, jumping up, over excitement, not settling, chasing the cats, chasing the kids, hassling other household dogs, resource guarding, stealing objects, attention seeking, mouthing, stealing food, refusing to get off furniture, and counter surfing

We'll take you through the training methods that we find to have the most success, including

⭐️ Boundary training

⭐️ Advancing boundary training - distance, duration, distraction
⭐️ Leave it cue
⭐️ Settle on cue
⭐️ Scentwork
⭐️ Retrieve stolen items
⭐️ Drop cue
⭐️ Manners greeting people
⭐️ Solutions to reducing mouthing/biting
⭐️ Play skills
⭐️ Impulse control

⭐️Off the furniture cue
⭐️Enrichment zones
⭐️Manipulating arousal to calm your dog down on cue
⭐️Stop barking in its tracks

⭐️Discussing barking, counter surfing, resource guarding, stealing, attention seeking

Good clinics to compliment this course: Lead pulling, recall and enrichment

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Recall Training Clinic

Starts 1st June. £35 for 4 weeks, or book all 7 for just £25 each

Improve your dog's recall so that your dog comes back to you first time everytime! 

We cover

⭐️ Reflex response to your dog's name

⭐️ Close proximity games

⭐️ Speed up the recall

⭐️ Play skills

⭐️ Emergency stop

⭐️ Engagement games

⭐️ Impulse control

⭐️ Free check ins

⭐️ Using Premack Principle for recall training

⭐️ Collar grabbing densensitisation

⭐️Prevention of 'fly by' recalls

⭐️Teach your dog to come in from the garden

⭐️ Distraction proofing

⭐️ Long line training

⭐️ Scentwork

⭐️Discussing prey drive, habits, reinforcement, proximity zones, relationship

Good clinics to compliment this course: Lead pulling, naughty dog and enrichment

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NEW Impulse Control Clinic

Starts 1st June. £35 for 4 weeks, or book all 7 for just £25 each

In a nutshell, if your dog doesn't always respond to you around distractions, then you need this clinic! Whether those distractions are visitors to the house, other dogs, cats, cyclists, joggers, kids etc. 

Improve your dog's impulse control to give you more focus around any distraction.  

In this clinic, we give you training exercises which will help with dogs who are distracted by dogs/people when on or off the lead, who chase cars, cyclists, joggers or cats, who run up to visitors ignoring all commands, who steal food or objects at every opportunity, who play rough and snatch for toys and won't give them back

We cover

⭐️ Wait games to proof to distractions, duration and distance

⭐️ Advanced leave it - to walk past dogs/people on lead without pulling/lunging

⭐️Advanced Middle - proof to distractions

⭐️ Impulse control games

⭐️ Play skills - drop, take it, toy switch

⭐️Advanced impulse control for greeting dogs/people

⭐️ Thinking in arousal games - teach your dog to respond to cues when in a high arousal state

⭐️ Boundary games to improve reliability, add distance & distraction

⭐️ Chasing recall - call your dog off a chase

⭐️Premack recalls

Good clinics to compliment this course: Naughty Dog Clinic, Reactivity, Lead Pulling, Recall

UKSnifferDogs-LogoPrint copy.jpeg


Online UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Clinic

Come and sign up to the Online sniffer dog course and as a bonus, you'll be invited to join our Private Facebook support group where we'll guide you through the content and give you feedback on your training sessions. Start anytime! Suitable for puppies and adult dogs

This online course utilises the UK Sniffer Dogs online learning platform where you'll receive access to all of the videos to watch and practise at your own pace, which covers the equivalent of 8 hours of in person classes


The Bronze course is open to all and no experience is needed. You'll learn how to teach your dog to find a scent (Kong), to give an indication when they have found it, and to search bags, chairs, cars and novel environments. In Silver, your dog will find Gun Oil.    


It's fun and easy to teach and brilliant mental stimulation for your dog.  You can practise at home with minimal equipment!  You'll receive a Rosette and Pin Badge for completing your trial too!

All you need to do to book on is follow this link and purchase the online course

Price with the discount is:

Only £96.30 for Series 1 & 2, including the trial
Or £51.30 for Series 1 only

Use our discount code to get the 10% off: ADODOG10

Book the Series 1 & 2:

Book Series 1 only:

Let us know when you've booked your space and we'll invite you to our support group!

Some of the puppies in our March Puppy Clinic