We are now offering Online Dog Training Clinics, which you can access from your home, from anywhere in the world!  These are presented online via Facebook, guided by our Head Trainers Mike Newland and Jenny Trigg using modern, science based training without fear or pain.  We use motivational techniques which include using markers, toys and food to train your dog.

Each of our clinics is 4 weeks long and cover specific topics to help guide you with your dog's individual training needs.  You get an incredible amount of content, including 3 training videos per week, a LIVE Q&A session each week to ask us questions direct, plus video chats on dog behaviour and training. You can also post videos of your training sessions for constructive feedback to guide you to success!

We film every training exercise or talk weekly. Nothing is pre-filmed and the content is customised to those who join the clinics!  

The 4 week clinics will include:

- Exclusive access to a private Facebook group

- Weekly LIVE videos presented by Head Trainer Mike Newland

- Video tutorials demonstrating each training exercise for you to practise

- Submit videos of your own training sessions for constructive feedback

- Live Q&A videos so that you can ask questions about YOUR dog's training

- Live video chats covering training, behaviour, science and troubleshooting
- Training tips and notes

- You'll have lifetime access to the group, so that you can rewatch videos


Only £25 per clinic! Take part in as many dogs from the same household as you like!

Book one clinic, a few or all of them!  Click Book Now on each clinic to book, and we'll send you an email with info

Get FREE access if you're an NHS worker (pop us an email with your NHS card as proof and let us know which clinic you'd like to book)

Claim your space before the deadline on 5th April

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Puppy Clinic

Starts 30th March, last chance to join is 5th April

If you have a puppy who is under 12 months, then this clinic is for you!  We'll be covering all of the basic training cues such as name, sit, down, boundary training, settle on cue, leave, stay, recall, heeling, middle, touch, and troubleshooting common problems such as stealing, jumping, biting, resource guarding, crate training, barking etc.


We'll give you some great ideas on continuing to socialise your puppy during a lockdown, present video tutorials on training exercises you can then practise at home, we'll do live video Q&A's to answer questiions about YOUR puppy's training, and give feedback on any videos you submit of your training sessions

Reactivity Clinic.png

Reactive Dog Clinic

Starts 30th March, last chance to join is 5th April

This 4 week clinic will help to get on top of your dog's reactivity towards dogs or people! So if your dog barks at dogs or people due to fear, excitement, frustration, lack of social skills etc. 


We'll be doing live videos on the science behind reactivity, reading body language and Q&A about your OWN dog.


You'll receive video tutorials demonstrating training exercises you need to do to improve your dog's behaviour, including counter conditioning and desensitisation techniques.  You'll be able to submit videos of your training sessions for feedback and advice.


Lead Pulling Clinic

Starts 30th March, last chance to join is 5th April

Improve your dog's lead walking so that they don't drag you down the road everyday!


We'll show you force free lead walking techniques, heeling exercises, handling techniques, heeling games, engagement, building close proximity and obedience cues which will all aid in achieving reliable lead walking.


We'll give you feedback on your submitted videos, and do live Q&A sessions to help troubleshoot YOUR dog's training


Enrichment Clinic

Starts 30th March, last chance to join is 5th April

Providing your dog with mental stimulation and enrichment is more tiring for your dog than an hours run!


So come and learn some great enrichment ideas and help to reduce hyperactivity, chewing, digging, barking, stealing and many other unwanted behaviours. 


Learn about building your own enrichment areas in your garden, various toys you can use for mental stimulation, brain games and tricks you can teach, and sniffer training to keep your dogs nose and brain busy!

Naughty Dog Clinic.png

Naughty Dog at Home Clinic

Starts 30th March, last chance to join is 5th April

Improving your dog's indoor behaviour to reduce attention barking, to teach your dog how to settle on cue, to reduce stealing, jumping, biting and attention seeking behaviours. 


So if you're stuck in lockdown with your naughty dog, come and join this clinic! 


We'll be doing LIVE videos to troubleshoot YOUR dog's daily struggles and giving specific advice to help you and your dog! 


You'll receive video tutorials with training exercises that will improve your dog's behaviour, and we'll give feedback on your submitted video sessions


Recall Training Clinic

Starts 30th March, last chance to join is 5th April

Improve your dog's recall so that your dog comes back to you first time everytime! 


We'll show you lots of techniques to teach a reflex response to your dog's name, to improve engagement, speed of recall, improve reinforcement delivery, use of long lines, impulse control and general obedience cues to improve recall all round.


Watch live Q&A videos to troubleshoot your training struggles, and watch video tutorials so you can practise the training at home!


We'll be back soon with Workshops!


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life we know sometimes it’s difficult to find time for training, and for those that live a long distance from us it isn’t always easy to make it to us for weekly classes.


We also know how very important keeping on top of your regular training is! Accountability and progress is the GOAL and we really want to help you achieve your training goals

That’s why we have introduced our new Weekend Workshops!

We offer a variety of workshops covering different training concepts to make sure your walks are more enjoyable!  Come and join us to build CALM, FOCUS, IMPULSE CONTROL, value in PROXIMITY and SAFE control on and off lead. 

Can't bring your dog with you? We'll borrow you a dog! You can still come and learn with us.


What's included with each workshop:

  • Free access to a mini online course with videos of each exercise covered

Book below

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Booking terms


Unfortunately there are no refunds available for workshops once payment has been made, even if you are unable to attend the event. We have only a limited number of spaces available for each event, and still have venue, staff, insurance and equipment costs to pay, even if you don't show up. If given enough notice, we may be able to sell your ticket for you

If 30 days notice is given, your space can be transferred to another workshop or service.