Our Online Dog Training Clinics are available worldwide and we have had over 850 dog owners from over 15 countries attend with great success

These are presented online via Facebook, guided by our Head Trainers Mike Newland and Jenny Trigg using modern, science based training without fear or pain.  We use motivational techniques which include using markers, toys and food to train your dog.

Videos are available to access at any time of the day, and you keep the content for life, so watch back anytime.

We recommend booking multiple clinics to get the most out of training, as each clinic focuses on a very specific area of training.  


How does it work?


Each clinic is a 4 week course, and each clinic offers:


  • Exclusive access to a Private Facebook Support Group

  • 3 bite sized recorded videos to the group each week for you to watch and practise at home at a time to suit you. There are no set 'times' for classes. Watch at a time to suit you.

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A videos troubleshooting your dog's training struggles. Ask questions LIVE, or leave a question and watch the recording back if you can't make it

  • Content is customised to the needs of each group (we'll add/change content if requested)

  • Submit videos of your own training sessions for constructive feedback and communicate with us daily!

  • Ask questions daily and get advice & support

  • Webinars giving simple solutions to common training & behaviour problems

  • You'll have lifetime access to the group, so that you can rewatch videos and it doesn't matter if you can't keep up!

  • Includes a digital certificate of completion


What clinics are available?

We have 7 great clinics starting 6th July. The aim of having 7 clinics it to allow you to create your own training package based on your own dog's training needs! So you can mix and match clinics to suit your own training journey!  The 7 clinics  include:


Puppy: perfect start for puppies or a refresher for adult dogs

Dog Reactivity: Expand your training toolbox to help your reactive dog who barks at dogs or people, or for dogs who struggle with their social skills

Impulse Control: Improve your dog's ability to think and respond around distractions

Lead Pulling: teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead without pulling, jumping, biting or lunging

Recall: teach your dog to come when called when around distractions

Naughty Dog: teach your dog to settle, to stop jumping, stop barking, stop stealing and more

Enrichment/Tricks/Scentwork: learn how to mentally stimulate your dog to reduce unwanted behaviours

Each clinic is a 4 week course and can be taken all together, or one at a time.

We recommend attending a combination of clinics to benefit from all areas of training. You need roughly 5 to 10 minutes per day per clinic, so how many you take will depend on how much time you have to spare

We also offer an in person workshop for each clinic so that you can come and work with us in person too. The perfect way to put the skills you're learning into practise around distractions and to get hands on support with progressing the training. 

Clinics start 6th July
Only £35 per clinic. Or click below to get each clinic for £25 each
Upcoming Events
Mon, Jul 06
Online Enrichment Clinic
Online Enrichment Clinic
This clinic is a great way to compliment any of the other clinics. By providing our dogs with mental enrichment opportunities, we can reduce unwanted behaviour, calm reactivity and improve our relationship with our dogs so that they are more likely to listen and respond to us
Mon, Jul 06
Online Lead Pulling Worldwide
Online Lead Pulling Clinic
Improve your dog's lead walking so that they don't drag you down the road everyday! We'll show you force free lead walking techniques, heeling exercises, handling techniques, heeling games, engagement, building close proximity and obedience cues which will all aid in achieving reliable lead walking
Mon, Jul 06
Online Recall Clinic Worldwide
Online Recall Clinic
Improve your dog's recall so that your dog comes back to you first time everytime, even around distractions. Suitable for puppies and adult dogs. Perfect if your dog runs off to greet other dogs and won't come back, or if your dog runs off for hours at a time hunting and sniffing
Mon, Jul 06
Online Dog Reactivity Clinic Worldwide
Online Dog Reactivity Clinic July
This 4 week clinic will help to get on top of your dog's reactivity towards dogs or people! So if your dog barks at dogs or people due to fear, excitement, frustration or lack of social skills etc.
Mon, Jul 06
Online Puppy Clinic Worldwide
Online Puppy Clinic July
If you have a puppy who is 8 weeks old or older, or have an adult dog in need of a refresher, then this clinic is for you! We'll be covering everything from basic training to socialisation during lockdown, puppy problem behaviours and confidence building
Mon, Jul 06
Online Impulse Control Clinic
Online Impulse Control Clinic
In a nutshell, if your dog doesn't always respond to you around distractions, then you need this clinic! Whether those distractions are visitors to the house, other dogs, cats, cyclists, joggers, kids etc.
Mon, Jul 06
Online Naughty Dog Clinic Worldwide
Online Naughty Dog Clinic
Over this 4 week clinic, we address common problems such as barking at everything and nothing, barking for attention, jumping up, over excitement, not settling, chasing the cats, chasing the kids, hassling other household dogs, resource guarding, stealing objects, attention seeking, mouthing, steali