Tracey Charters

Junior Trainer Godalming, Surrey

Tracey joined us in 2019 and has worked her way up to a Junior Level Trainer. She trains alongside Jenny & Mike once a week, as well as other experienced trainers on the team

She will be offering training in her busy family home where she lives with her 2 adult children, 3 dogs and 7 cats.  

Tracey has experience handling a variety of dogs over the years via her dog walking business, and has bred and raised 33 Cockapoo puppies and guided their owners through their first year of training and ownership, helping them with training in a variety of environments and developing key skills

Courses attended

  • Dog Training College Body Language Course - 2019

  • Dog Training College Reactive Rascals Course - 2019

  • Dog First Aid Course - 2019

  • Dog Training College - Tellington TTouch Course - 2019

  • Animal Communicator Essential oils for dogs