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​​​​​​Home Boarding- Your dog lives in the trainers family home to create a happier, stress free and more realistic training experience.  Completely eradicate the pitfalls of kenneled boarding, which often creates bad habits such as barking, jumping up, aggression and fear, as well as enhancing anxiety. Our trainers are fully insured and home checked for your peace of mind.

1 to 3 dogs per instructor- Your dog is allocated their own instructor and receives individual training and attention everyday.  This means that your dog can learn all of the obedience and commands at a very fast rate and the training can be generalised around distractions very quickly.  Residential Dog Training is much faster and more effective than classes or one to one lessons because your dog has frequent training sessions with a professional trainer every single day. You are welcome to meet your trainer before you commit to booking your dog with us. Many residential companies assign up to 10 dogs per trainer.  

Household privileges your dog will live in a family home to learn household manners.  This will include learning how to settle down, learning not to beg at the table, doorway manners, food bowl manners, manners around visitors, not stealing or guarding objects, toilet training, living with kids and learning how to be left without anxiety. This cannot be addressed in a kennel environment.

Daily Training- your dog will receive several intensive training sessions throughout each day with their instructor.  This will include training around the house, in the garden, out on a walk and when appropriate, out in town and around livestock.  Extra 'field trips' are frequently added to ensure that your dog generalises to the training to as many different locations as possible, so upon request, your dog can be taken to the local pub, pet shop or shopping centre.  See our videos.

Group Training - our instructors often meet up with other trainers during the week for controlled distraction training.   See our facebook page for photo's of training sessions.

Daily Walks- your dog will go out for a walk with their instructor everyday for exercise and training opportunities.  This will often include meeting other dogs, people and learning how to respond to commands under distraction.  See our facebook page for photo's of dogs out with their trainers.

Play - If your dog enjoys playing tug of war, fetch or elaborate 'find it' games, the instructor will spend time with your dog to help build a good training bond.  The skills that your dog learns here can be translated and utilised as a reward in training sessions so that your dog enjoys the training even more.

Relaxing time - your dog will get plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax in-between training sessions.  This gives your dog time to absorb the training and be nice and fresh for each session.  Your dog can cuddle up to the trainer or find a nice cosy spot to relax.

Owner training- You and your family will receive essential training at the end of your dogs stay.  Our instructors will provide one to one coaching to ensure that your dog learns to respond to you once home.  First, your instructor will demonstrate everything that your dog has learnt, then they'll go through each exercise step by step to make sure you can get the same results.  A follow up lesson is provided free of charge should you need extra help. You'll also receive a handover manual and video to reference back to in case you forget anything.  Your instructor will be on hand for free advice via email and phone for up to 12 months after.  See the hundreds of reviews from happy clients. 

​We stand by our excellent training and we offer a full six month back up service free of charge.  If you experience any difficulties once your dog has gone home, we will get together completely free of charge and show you how to get back on track.

Results Dogs are unpredictable by nature. We cannot guarantee that your dog will make improvements, nor can we guarantee that your dog won’t revert back to old behaviours and habits once home. ​ The training we put in place is designed to be foundations only, and will not return a fully trained dog to you. You must be willing and able to commit to carrying on with the training that is put in place here.  You can achieve this by attending the free aftercare that is available to you, or by paying a local trainer to help you with carrying on with training.  Some dogs retain the training quickly, whilst others need many months, sometimes a lifetime of ongoing training and reinforcement.

We recommend only booking a residential stay if you fully understand that your dog will not be returned to you fully trained, or as a robot dog.  We cannot guarantee how far along in the training process your dog will be, or how much training you will need to continue putting in place afterwards.  

Guarantee - If your dog still needs training or you need support to see results, we guarantee to provide free one to one lessons with your trainer for as long as needed

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Your dog or puppy will live with one of our professional instructors in their family home whilst receiving intensive training. 

The residential dog training is rewarding and fun, to ensure that your dog not only enjoys his training experience, but retains all of the training for long lasting results.  Our team of instructors maintain the highest training standards in the industry and aim to achieve the best possible results with each individual dog.

We offer 2 to 6 week stays, and recommend 4 to 6 week stays for optimum success.  Your dog will be trained in the most realistic environment so that he learns to behave everywhere, not just in a training field.  Your dog will learn vital skills in the home, out on walks and in public areas.

You, the owner will receive hands on training at the end of the stay to ensure that the training stays in place.  This has been proven to be the best and most successful way to train any dog and is much faster and less stressful than weekly classes or 1-2-1 lessons.  We do not have a magic wand, so you must be 100% committed to carrying on with your dogs training once home.  You will not receive back a 'finished product', but a work in progress for you to carry on with. This means you will need to commit to daily training sessions and ongoing reinforcement.

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