Libby Trigg Advanced Senior Instructor.  Guildford, Surrey.

Libby has trained alongside Jenny and Mike for the past 8 years and is a valued member of the team.  
She specialises in training small to medium sized dogs in our residential training programmes and has a 100% success and feedback rate from clients.    Libby offers training in a family environment, with 2 children of her own (8 yrs and 9 yrs)

Emma Riedlinger  Advanced Senior Instructor, Twickenham, London

​Emma has recently joined our team as an Advanced Senior Instructor.  She has over 3 years of experience working with a variety of breeds of dogs.  She has experience training her own dogs in competitive sports such as agility, schutzhund, Frisbee & Trick training.  She provides realistic training in a quiet  home environment.  Emma also has access to horses, so can provide training in this area..​  

Katie Brown Advanced Junior Instructor,  Guildford, Surrey

​Katie is one of our Advanced Junior Instructors and is a valued member of the team. She specialises in working with small to medium breeds of dog and gets lots of 5 star reviews. She's recently completed a Diploma in Animal Psychology and an Extended Diploma in Animal Management 

Katie offers a quiet family environment with 3 dogs of her own, an older Labrador, a Basset Hound mix and a Pug.

Lila Zachwatowicz - Advanced Senior Instructor.  Farnborough, Hampshire.

Lila been working with the team as an Advanced Senior Instructor for 2 years and has over 10 years of experience training dogs.  She has 2 Border Collies of her own and is a real breed enthusiast.  Lila also has access to horses, so can provide training in this area.

At the moment she mostly competes in Agility but has also competed in Dog Frisbee and Competitive Obedience. 

Natalie Rumbold - Advanced Senior Instructor.  Wareham, Dorset.

Natalie is an Advanced Senior Instructor and a valued member of the team.  She owns 2 Belgian Shepherds, both of whom are trained to a high level and 2 Miniature Dachshunds. This has enabled her to get excellent results with even the most challenging of dogs. Natalie offers training in a busy family environment, with 3 children of her own (8 yrs, 15 yrs & 16yrs)  Natalie also has access to horses, so can provide training in this area.

Petra Uhrova - Advanced Senior Instructor. Redhill, Surrey

 has been training alongside Jenny & Mike for over 5 years and is a valued member of the team.  She has experience working with a variety of breeds, and gets excellent results with challenging dogs as well as puppies. She also owns her own dog, a Boxer called Phoebe.  

Meet the admin team

Naomi White Advanced Junior Instructor, Guildford, Surrey

Naomi has recently joined the team and was quickly promoted to Advanced Junior Instructor. She has recently completed a Degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare, and has fostered and trained dogs for Canine Partners for over 8 years.

She provides training in a quiet home with 1 dog of her own, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Jolene Coates, GODT Senior Instructor,  Littleport, Cambridgeshire

​1 hr from Norfolk, 1 hr from Ipswich, 1.5 hr from Northampton, 1 hr from Essex

Jolene has just joined our team as a Senior Trainer.

She is based in Cambridge and has been training dogs for 12 years, has a HNC in dog behaviour and training and is a member of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme and the Tellington Touch Guild.  Jolene also runs her own pet dog training and agility.

Sarah Coombe, GODT Advanced Senior Instructor.  Guildford, Surrey.

Sarah has worked alongside Adolescent Dogs for over 6 years and has ac
cess to over 100 acres of private woodland.  She offers a rare opportunity for friendly dog socialisation via her dog walking company and has experience training a variety of breeds.

When you call us, you'll get to speak directly to either Libby or Natalie, our Advanced Senior Trainers. This ensures you get expert, honest advice on the best training solution for your dog.

If you email us, you'll get to communicate directly with Verity and Jenny, who run the Administration.

Meet the team

Adolescent Dogs was founded in 2006 by Jenny Trigg - she now runs the company alongside her partner Mike Newland and their team of 14 instructors who have collectively helped to train over 9,000 dogs.

All of the training is based on modern, positive, reward based methods, with emphasis on building a good relationship with your dog.  The team have over 60 years experience between them, sharing years of knowledge and expertise to get the very best results from every single dog who stays with us for training.  Our trainers are fully insured and home checked for your peace of mind.

Rebecca Trotman  Trainee, Godalming, Surrey

Rebecca has recently joined our team as a Trainee Instructor and is currently developing her career as a dog trainer after running a successful dog boarding & walking business.

She has 1 dog of her own, a 6 year old Hungarian Vizsla, and offers training in her family home with 2 children (7 & 10)

Andrea Psotova Advanced Junior Instructor, Horsham, West Sussex

Andrea has recently joined the team as an Advanced Junior Instructor.  She has over 4 years experience training dogs and has been teaching classes in Prague.  Her own dog Connie has competed in the top level of obedience, achieving 3rd place and she specialises in competition tracking.  Andrea has 1 dog of her own and 1 child (1 yr)

Ola Kordas  Senior Trainer, Berrington, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

​1 hr from Birmingham, 1hr 30 from Liverpool, 1 hr 45 from Nottingham

Ola has just joined our team as a Senior Instructor and is based in Shrewsbury.

She has over 14 years experience training dogs and successfully competes to the highest level in agility with her own Border Collies.  She also runs her own agility classes, workshops and events. Ola also has access to horses, cattle and sheep for additional training.

Leading Specialists of Residential Dog Training in the UK

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Company Director

Jenny founded Adolescent Dogs in 2006 and is the driving force of the company. To date, she has helped to train over 8,000 dogs and their owners.  

Mike Newland, MGODT, PPG

Company Director & Head Behavioural Consultant

Mike runs Adolescent Dogs with his partner Jenny Trigg and is the Head Instructor and Behavioural Consultant for the company.  

Meet the trainers

Verity Escott Advanced Senior Instructor. Worthing, West Sussex.

Verity is one of our Advanced Senior Instructors and is a valued member of the team. Verity has a wealth of experience working with a variety of breeds and gets excellent results.  She 
provides realistic training in a quiet family orientated home environment, with one child of her own (3 yrs)

Lyn Newland, GODT - Advanced Senior Instructor.  Worthing, West Sussex.

Lyn has trained intensively alongside Jenny and Mike for the past 6 years and is a valued member of the team.

Lyn offers a quiet family home environment for all dogs who come to stay with her. She has visiting grandchildren and 1 small dog of her own.