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Shamyla Gascoigne, FDsc, ADIC/J

Junior Instructor. East Grinstead, West Sussex

Shamyla has joined us as a Junior Trainer and has an FdSc Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training.  She has trained dogs in competitive obedience, agility, gundog work, flyball and assistance training, and has experience with puppy socialisation and breeding.  She has also passed her Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate at a Junior Level.

She lives in a busy family home with her husband and 4 children, aged 1 to 7, as well as her 3 dogs - Border Collie and 2 working cocker spaniels, so is able to offer training in a busy family environment. Ideal for puppies needing early socialisation, or if you would like to mimic your own home environment.  Shamyla has childcare available for her children outside of school hours, so no training time is lost

She lives local to open fields, both quiet and busy with people and dogs, Ashdown Forest, town, train station and dog friendly family attractions.

Specialises in:​

- Training puppies

- Training adult dogs

- Puppy socialisation

- Rescue dog training

- Assistance dog training

- Training around children

- Friendly dog socialisation

- Training in busy environments

Shamyla's home and gallery of training

5 star review - 30.04.2019

"I can’t begin to thank Shamyla enough, she was fantastic with our little Olive who was 6 months old (when we adopted her) and had never left the house. Needless to say she was petrified of the outdoor world, she refused to leave the house for days. My partner and I were at a loose end, googled for hours about the ‘best’ things to do. We were flooded with so many techniques, opinions and recommendations. After watching the videos on AD website .. we saw hope and confident that they could help us. Communication from the start was punctual and welcoming. Answered my many many questions over several days (anxious mum). I then spoke to the trainer Shamyla and straight away I knew she was the trainer for us. She never pushed Olive, she took things at her pace. Olive is not a massive foodie but she responds so well to praise and that is what she got for the 4 weeks training with Shamyla, which has really changed her from a shell of a puppy into a confident puppy who now jumps up to put her head through the harness at walk time. Olive had no idea of anything other than a house and a crate, she had no idea what ‘sit’ meant nor ‘down’. Her confidence was zero, we knew Shamyla was amazing and super capable but when we returned to see Olive at the end of week 4. We were just speechless. She could walk nicely on the lead, come when called, recall with distraction and so many other things. Our first night home we were sceptical about how long this would last and I’m so happy to say things are exactly the same. No more barking at 6am, barking when we left the room and no more pacing when we left a room. Olive can now settle without a crate, she sees us leave the room and she will either be not phased or look and then settle. We had a WhatsApp group chat and we had daily updates on Olive which were really nice as we missed her so much. I know how stressful and worrying it can be when finding the right training for you and your fur baby. I looked at so many residential schools but none had the warmth and home environment I wanted for Olive. Best money ever spent."