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Recent 5 star reviews for Sarah 

 "2 weeks training with Sarah" - 03/02/2018

We are delighted with the change in Oreo after just two weeks of training with Sarah. Her behaviour when she left us consisted of very excited weeing everywhere, jumping up, poor toilet training, poor lead walking and minimal obedience. She came back having mastered SIT, LAY DOWN, WAIT, and LEAVE IT; and was greatly improved on toilet manners, lead walking and not jumping up. We have been able to build on this over in the weeks that followed and she is turning into an extremely well behaved and obedient puppy. Thanks so much Sarah.

"Training a Boxer puppy!" Written on: 05/08/2017

We handed our 12 week old boxer over to Sarah at Adolescent Dogs for two weeks residential training, not expecting miracles. Our vet did say "well you have a boxer!". We were absolutely delighted with the results, Sarah had obviously worked hard and given Sullivan (our dog) a lot of love and attention. We continue our obedience training every day as instructed and he is coming along in leaps and bounds. None of this could have been achieved without the guidance of Adolescent Dogs, I would recommend their residential training to anyone with a puppy or dog that needs retraining.

“Zeus 4 Week Training Course.” Written on: 04/01/2016 by Peterleezeus 

Wow....what can we say that is not evident in the YouTube clip 
Zeus has Ben transformed and it's all thanks to Zeus's wonderful trainer. She had a mammoth task in controlling our 13 month Doberman. Don't be fooled by his model & butter wouldn't melt looks; yes we are biased, but this is also based on the comments we have received by everyone that we have encountered on our walks. What she has achieved in the last 4 weeks is nothing short of a miracle. Looking at the clip of Zeus before, even we hadn't realised what a character he was, our polite term for how badly behaved he actually was. We were a little blinded by his cuteness & cheeky streak however, we can honestly say that Zeus has returned home as a brand new pup and his beautiful personality remains intact. His ability to learn which was never in doubt, she has implemented to a whole new level and his manners have improved, exceeding all expectation. He is far from perfect but with the continued training methods applied by her, we should be on course to get there with him. We are educated enough to know that the rest is up to us and we certainly have our work cut out for us. We are also aware that he may revert to old routines, which he has showed signs of doing but again if we allow this to happen it will be a failure on our part and not his or the training In fairness It is probably us that required the 4 week course and Zeus to have been supplied with the 
Her updates, the photographs, Zeus's participation in other dogs training clips all gave us the assurances that Zeus was being well looked after. The aftercare that we have received has been excellent considering it has been Christmas and the support and guidance from the person I dealt with and the other lady has given us the reassurances and confidence to continue with the great work they have started. We would like to thank the person I dealt with and the team for putting us all on the right track. This was money well spent and is highly recommended as the investment in any pups future and will prove to be invaluable

Sarah's Gallery

Sarah Coombe, GODT, ADIC/AS

Advanced Senior Instructor.  Guildford, Surrey.

​​Sarah has worked alongside Adolescent Dogs for over 8 years and is a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers.

Sarah offers an amazing setup for social opportunities. She runs her own dog walking company and has access to over 100 acres of private land. So whether you have a new puppy or an older dog who needs to improve their social skills, this is a great opportunity.  Sarah can work with any dog, from small puppy, up to giant Great Dane, and challenging behavioural cases.  

She owns 6 of her own dogs,including an elderly Dalmatian and Rottweiler, a Ridgeback, a young Bull Terrier and rescue dogs.  She has given up her time over the years to help to foster and rehome dogs of all breeds and backgrounds, so has experience working with all kinds of problem behaviour.

Sarah keeps herself up to date with modern reward based training methods, regularly attending seminars with some of the most renowned behaviourists in the world.  She has access to a mixture of friendly dogs for socialisation, the Surrey Hills for walks, the busy town centre and often takes dogs to the pub, cafe or shops for additional training. Sarah also loves taking the dogs to the beach for day trips

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

  • ADICS/AS - Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Senior
  • Member of the Guild of Dog Trainers, Master Trainer (GODT)
  • Absolute Bull Terrier volunteer - training and rehabilitating rescue dogs - 2019
  • Arundawn Dog Rescue Volunteer 2019
  • Woof 2019 - The Animal Behaviour & Training Conference 
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) - Attended  Empowered Socialisation - Intensive Growly Dog - 2018 
  • ​Attended Victoria stillwell ‘what to do when’ 2018
  • ​Attended National Dog Behaviour Conference 2018
  • ​Attended Brenda Aloff - Get Connected 
  • ​Attended Chirag Patel - Teaching with Head and Heart: Empowering Learners seminar - 2018
  • ​Attended IMDT - Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Dog to Human Aggression seminar 2018
  • ​Attended Chirag Patel - Understanding, managing and modifying aggressive behaviour in dogs seminar 2018
  • ​Attended Chirag Patel - Expanding your force free dog training tool kit seminar - 2018
  • ​​Attended Dr Nicholas Dodman seminar - The Well Adjusted Dog
  • ​​Attended Victoria Stillwell - National Dog Bite Prevention seminar
  • ​Attended Victoria Stillwell - National Dog Bite Conference
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Growl Classes Webinar
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Treatment and prevention of dog agession: biting and fighting
  • ​Attended Sarah Fisher - T-Touch Seminar
  • ​Attended David Ryan - Dogs that fight and bite seminar
  • ​Attended Brave Pet Academy -  Stop fear of fireworks and loud noises
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - How to train a puppy webinar
  • Dr Ian Dunbar Science based dog training (with feeling) webinar
  • Mike McDaniels - Advance K9 training
  • ​Attended Craig Ogilvie - Interactive play skills seminar
  • National Dog Bite Conference 2014:

Chirag Patel: Preventing, managing and modifying aggressive behaviour in dogs ​

Jim Crosby: fatal dog bite investigations, working with the worst
Sarah fisher: the forward thinking approach to training, handling and rehabilitation
Trevor cooper,  new changes in DDA, will this prevent or merely punish?
Victoria Stillwell: Teaching kids to be K9 safe and smart
The inner dog and what is aggression

​​​Specialises in

  • Puppy and adult dog training
  • Puppy socialisation
  • Rescue dog training
  • Toilet training and puppy behaviour
  • Nervous dogs
  • Friendly dog socialisation
  • Dog aggression 
  • People aggression
  • On lead reactivity towards dogs
  • Dogs who chase
  • Fear, phobias, shadow chasers
  • Loves English Bull Terriers!