Are you looking for the very BEST start to your puppy's training?

Getting started early is an absolute must, and your puppy can start to learn from as early as 8 weeks of age!

It is easier, and less stressful for your puppy to teach them what you want right from the start, than it is to let them learn bad habits that you need to fix later on

Our weekly classes take place on a Wednesday evening every week for 6 weeks from 7.45pm to 8.25pm in Guildford.


In these 45 minute classes, we will cover so much – teaching you a whole variety of different tricks and training techniques to not only give your dog a great foundation but also help you build up your relationship between you and your puppy

In this 6 week course, your puppy will learn to

  • Respond to their name on cue

  • Respond to basic cues such as Sit, Down, Stay

  • Greet people without jumping up

  • Go to their bed and settle on cue

  • Leave food or stolen items

  • Play, fetch and drop

  • Walk nicely on & off the lead

  • Come when called

  • How to interact with dogs/people with good manners

  • Build confidence 

  • Fun tricks to boost confidence & your relationship

You'll also learn about how to manage your puppy's environment to prevent chewing, biting, toileting indoors, barking, hyperactivity etc

What's included?

  • Access to an online course which will give you video tutorials each week as a reminder of your weekly lessons 

  • 10% off our Daycare Training

Benefits of choosing Adolescent Dogs

  • Friendly, qualified instructors

  • Small class sizes limited to 8 dogs

  • Families & children welcome

  • Positive training methods

  • Recommended by Vets

  • Award winning training

Next 6 week puppy course starts Wednesday 8th January at 7.45pm in Guildford (puppies under 6 months)

Book below. £120 per 6 week course.

Unfortunately there are no refunds available for classes once payment has been made, even if you are unable to attend the event.

If 30 days notice is given, your space can be transferred to another  service.