30 Day Puppy to Pro Challenge

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The 30 Day Puppy to Pro Challenge starts on the 2nd January in our Online Academy VIP CLUB (join anytime, it's not too late!)

We'll be welcoming our own 8 week old puppy on the 1st January, and we want to share with you exactly how we raise our own puppy from day 1! Helping YOU to get everything right from the day you bring your puppy home!  


As a bonus, we'll also show you how to advance each exercise with your adult dog (for those who don't have a puppy) - ensuring your adult dog hasn't missed any of those vital foundation skills!

The 30 day challenge is 30 days of fun training games for you to do with your own puppy.  These will be fun and easy video tutorials that you can watch from anywhere in the world. A really positive way to start 2021 with your dog!

Not only will it give your puppy the absolute BEST start to their training and socialisation, but you'll also receive LIVE expert support and guidance with your day to day life with your puppy!

And if you stick around after the challenge is complete, you'll benefit from our entire training library so that you can see how to guide your puppy through to adulthood!

So what will we cover?

🐶 Socialisation - fun games to play during Covid to ensure socialisation isn't negative impacted!  Learn about Consent, the do's and don'ts of socialising with people and dogs, building confidence from a distance, and how to use novelty at home to boost your dog's confidence out and about

🐶 Confidence building games- A confident puppy or adult dog is less likely to be reactive to dogs, people and noises. We'll show you the best way to do sound desensitisation, as well building your pups body awareness and self confidence.

🐶 Enrichment games - mental stimulation is the perfect recipe for a calm pup. We'll show you fun and novel ways to provide mental enrichment for your pup to prevent unwanted behaviours at home

🐶 Handling games - teaching our pups about co-operative care so that handling, grooming and vet visits aren't scary

🐶 Engagement games - building engagement with our puppies, so that they stay focused on us and responsive in busy environments

🐶 Play - We'll show you how to play with your puppy, and how to develop an amazing relationship by meeting all of your pups social needs

🐶 Puppy problem solving - see how we solve toilet training, play biting, jumping, attention seeking, stealing, cat chasing, kid chasing and more!

🐶 Obedience - learn key skills such as Middle, Eye Contact, Recall,  Heeling, Leave, Settle, Drop, Down, Fetch, Emergency Stop, Impulse Control and more!

All of our training methods are positive and reward based. 

To join, all you need to do is sign up to our Online Academy VIP CLUB! 

Whilst you're with us, you'll also have access to everything the VIP CLUB has to offer, including over 80 video tutorials, Ebooks, training plans, bonus videos, weekly Live Zoom Chats with our expert trainers, weekly Live training demos, feedback on your training, customised training plans and support, and more!

We're offering an exclusive 30% discount for January, which means you can join us for less than £1 per day!

Our VIP CLUB is Pay as you go, so you can cancel anytime!

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