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22896d419c UshulFiqhAbuZahrahpdf UshulFiqhAbuZahrahpdf AutoCAD 2017 (Full Crack) analisis literario de un escandalo en bohemia . 071427268e Related links: . The replacement of clot by a metal plate is the standard treatment for unstable intertrochanteric femur fractures. However, the relatively high complication rate and increased mortality in this high-risk group of patients indicate that better and more efficient treatment methods are warranted. Prosthetic replacement of the femoral head and neck using an anatomically preformed prosthesis to restore joint anatomy and improve bone healing appears to be an attractive and potentially less invasive alternative to the traditional surgical approach. Several studies have shown encouraging results for this technique.[@b1-asm-1-49]--[@b4-asm-1-49] We report on a case of unstable intertrochanteric femur fractures in a patient with an ipsilateral hip dislocation who was treated with a reverse total hip arthroplasty using a cemented stem (Evolve, Stryker Howmedica Osteonics, Mahwah, NJ). The patient was followed up for 4 years with the latest evaluation performed 2 years after surgery. CASE ==== A 17-year-old man fell on his right side, sustaining injuries to the right hip and contralateral side. Two days later, an orthopedic surgeon performed a closed reduction of the dislocation followed by a percutaneous osteosynthesis with a locking plate. Intraoperative findings revealed multiple osteotomies of the femoral neck and varus malalignment. A short-stem reverse total hip arthroplasty was performed with a high-vascularised fibular allograft for the reconstruction of the proximal femur. Three weeks later, a hip disarticulation was performed. The patient was followed up for 4 years with the latest evaluation performed 2 years after surgery. Radiographs showed a well-fixed stem with a lack of subsidence and osteolysis. At the last visit, the patient showed full weight bearing and no pain on weight-bearing on the operated limb. DISCUSSION ========== The initial studies of reverse total hip arthroplasty involved young, active patients with fractures of the femoral

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