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Due to high call volume, the easiest way to contact us is

via email: info@adolescentdogs.com ​& request a call back

Residential Training - What's included, prices & availability

From as little as £64 per day!  (scroll down for enquiry form)

All of our residential stays include:

  • Your dog lives with their trainer in their family home
  • Daily one to one training (4 hours a day)
  • Fully customised training programme for your dog
  • Daily walks in countryside, beach and park locations (depending on trainer)
  • Daily socialisation with other friendly dogs (if appropriate)
  • Daily household privileges to learn how to behave in the home
  • Comprehensive email updates
  • Photos of your dog posted to Facebook every week
  • Daily contact with your trainer & photos/videos to your phone on request
  • A video of your dogs stay featured on YouTube (Minimum 2 weeks, 1 per house)
  • 4 hours of owner training over 2 lessons at the end of the stay
  • 4 to 8 weeks of free follow up training with your trainer depending on length of stay booked
  • A comprehensive training manual and personalised training notes
  • Access to an exclusive video playlist on training tips and step by step guides
  • Lifetime email & telephone support from your trainer
  • Lifetime video analysis of any training problems you film and send to us 
  • *GUARANTEE - if you need more support once home, we'll provide free one to one lessons with your trainer​. If we feel it's needed, we'll redo your stay free of charge!  

All in all, you receive £1,800 per week of intensive training & boarding, plus up to £1,000 of lessons after from as little as £64 per day.  See our great prices below for this fully customised service:


​​Prices​  Includes VAT - minimum first stay is 2 weeks

Payment Plans available. 50% to secure. Or 25% to secure with installments

Trainee - 300 per week (no discounts)

Junior Trainer - 500 per week(£78.57 per day)

Advanced Junior - 600 per week (£85.71 per day)

Senior Trainer -700 per week (£100 per day)

Advanced Senior  - 800 per week (£114.28 per day)

Head Trainers / Company Owners - 950 per week(£135.71 per day)

That means that if your dog lives for 15 years, your dogs training only costs just £8 per month!


Current discounts (pick one)

  • ​Book 4 weeks and save £200 
  • ​Book 6 weeks and save £600
  • Multiple dogs booking - Save £100 per week per dog
  • £50 per week discount for top up stays 

Request more info, book, or a call back

To request a call back or an email with more information or to book a stay, please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.


Up to date as of 19th March 2019. If you can't see what you're looking for, please email us. We sometimes have extra spaces put aside.

​The * = less than 25kg

March - £100 discount on last March spaces

​* East Grinstead - Junior Shamyla - now to 5th April

* Pulborough - Advanced Junior Andrea - from now to 6th April

Trainee Iona in Shrewsbury - now


Head Trainers Jenny & Mike - from 1st

Shrewsbury - Trainee Iona - from 1st

 Guildford - Advanced Senior Sarah - from 15th

​ Littleport - Senior Jolene - booked pending deposit

* East Grinstead - Junior Shamyla - from 23rd

* Guildford - Advanced Senior Naomi - from 23rd

* Pulborough - Advanced Junior Andrea - from 30th


Advanced Senior Verity in Worthing -1st to 21st

* Junior Shamyla in East Grinstead - from 1st

* Head Trainers Jenny & Mike - from 1st

* Advanced Junior Andrea in Pulborough - from 1st

* Advanced Junior Bekki in Southampton - from 1st

Advanced Senior Petrai in Redhill - from 1st

Advanced Senior Libby in Guildford - 1st to 14th

Advanced Senior Sarah in Guildford - 1st to 15th

Advanced Senior Naomi in Guildford - 1st to 21st

* Advanced Senior Natalie in Worcester - 1st to 23rd

Advanced Junior Rebecca in Godalming - from 1st

Senior Jolene in Littleport - from 15th

​​Please ask for availability for June and beyond.

Summer is booking up fast

What level trainer do you need?

Trainee - these guys are still learning, so basic training with young dogs

Junior - Ideal for basic to advanced training with puppies & adult dogs

Advanced Jr - Same as Junior, but can handle some mild reactivity and behavioural problems 

Senior/Advanced Senior - Ideal for training any dog, plus experienced with reactivity and serious behavioural problems

Head Trainers - experienced training any dog, plus extra aftercare.