Is your dog being naughty or does he just not understand you?

We can be quick to get frustrated with our dogs when they ignore us, we can also be quick to label our dogs as ‘stubborn’ or as having ‘selective hearing’.

The problem with this is that it puts the blame on our dogs and it can become an excuse for

poor training. We might give up trying to improve our dog’s behaviour because we’ve decided they’re just stubborn and we can never change it.

However, there are many more reasons why your dog may behave in this way, and all of them can be worked on with good training, so stop the excuses and find a way to make things work!


When it comes to training your dog, generalisation is a key concept. Your dog may understand ‘Fido come’ in your garden but that doesn’t mean he understands it on a walk.

Likewise, you may have taught him an excellent ‘sit-wait’ when he’s on a lead but he may not understand the same behaviour at the front door when a visitor turns up.