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​Does your dog bark or lunge towards people? Does your dog bite visitors?

This workshop is designed to help you to understand your dog's reactivity towards people, to give you the skills and knowledge needed to obtain more control, reduce reactivity and to give you confidence with your dog.

The workshop will be run by Head Trainer Mike Newland.

This workshop will include:

- Increased focus on you around people
- Reduce barking and lunging
- Management techniques to keep your dog safe
- Improve your dog's confidence
- Build your dog's trust in you as his handler
- Learn to read your dog's body language, so you know what he is telling you
- Learn about CONSENT and what it means for your dog
- how to work at your dogs comfort level and how to move on
- Teaching essential commands/cues to give you more control and focus
- Understanding your dogs arousal level and how to manage it
- Understanding your dogs temperament and training limitations

This workshop is NOT designed to make your dog like or want to interact with people, it is designed to teach you how to listen to your dog, build his confidence in you as his handler, and reduce his reactivity by giving him time and space.

Where: Private, secure field in Ewhurst, Surrey. GU6
Time: 10am to 12.30pm.
Date: Sunday 18th August
Number of dogs: Maximum 4
Cost: £170 per dog

  • No refunds if the course starts within 30 days. 50% refund if you cancel with more than 30 days notice
  • Suitable for all breeds and all ages.
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