Online Dog Training

Our highly successful Dog Owners Toolbox allows you to learn with your dog from the comforts of your home via our online learning platform.  


It makes a great addition to a Residential Programme if you are planning to send your dog to us for boarding and training, or as a standalone course if you would prefer to learn with your dog from home from anywhere in the world.


We have over 100 video tutorials which show you how to teach a variety of training exercises and concepts in different ways, so you can find a method that works for you and your dog, rather than being stuck with a one size fits all approach.  You'll receive a whole toolbox of methods to work through with your dog until you find what works for you!

Each course contains easy, 3 minute videos that you can watch and practise at home. Short enough to get straight to the point, and in easy enough steps that you can replicate at home from anywhere in the world. 

Choose either our Mini Courses on specific topics, our Beginners & Advanced Courses, or our Customised courses with videos hand picked just for you.

You get FREE access to our full library of videos when you book an Intensive Board & Train or Collect & Train course

A variety of courses below to suit your dog's needs. Scroll down to see available courses

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Available Courses

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The best start to your puppy or adult dog's training. 

Includes: Sit, Down, Lead walking, Name Game, Recall, Wait, Play, Drop, Middle , Touch Spin, Engagement, Confidence Building, Boundary Games, Send to Bed, Settle, Heeling, Eye Contact, Back Away, Leave / Impulse Control, Close, Let's Go, Jumping Up, Crate Training, 

Emergency Stop

The Beginners and Advanced Combines covers all of the mini course videos also

48 videos




Perfect follow on from the Beginner's Course.

Includes: Emergency stop away, Leave it stage 2 & 3, Toy control, Heeling, Middle Supercharged, Backaway from dogs, Engage-Disengage, Distance down, Wait with distractions, Confidence building, Thinking in arousal games, Lowering arousal, Impulse control, Fetch,  Calm Chaos, Recall 

31 videos




A mini course aimed at boosting your dog's confidence. Ideal for nervous or anxious dogs

Includes: Confidence with novelty, engage-disengage, confidence games, Middle, Wrap Around, 2 Feet Up, Let's Go, Free Shaping

16 videos




A mini course. Some top tips and videos to help you to calm your over aroused dog.


Includes: Settle, Capture Calm Default Calm, Boundary Training, Arousal Up & Arousal Down, Calm Walks, Calm Chaos, Crate Training, Jumping Up, Thinking in Arousal, Manipulating Arousal, Wrap Around, Middle, Hand Touch, Engage-Disengage, Novelty & Figure 8 Walking

21 videos




A mini course. Learn some top engagement skills that we use to switch our dogs on and off for optimum learning

Includes: On Switch, Off Switch, Luring skills, Reinforcement, Off lead focus, Look, All eyes on me, Follow the YES, Close, Recall rewards, Name game boost, Play


18 videos.



Impulse Control

A mini course. Improve your dog's Impulse Control to improve focus around distractions

Includes: 3 stages of Leave it, Wait Game, Cone Wait, Trail Wait, Fetch the Wait, Chase the Wait, Chase the Release, Circle Wait, Delivery Game, Drop, Take it, Toy Switch, Thinking in Arousal steps 1 to 3, Back aways, Backaway from Dogs, Name game. 

18 videos




Mini course. Teaching your dog how to walk on the lead without pulling.

Includes: Figure 8 Walking, Backaways, Heel position, Reinforcing heeling, Repositions, Eye contact, Heeling games, Close, Recall to heel, Leave it proofing, Let's Go

16 videos




Mini course. Helping you to improve your dog's recall and off lead control

Includes: Name game, name game boost, how to use a long line, rewarding recalls, recall to heel, restrained recalls, emergency stop, emergency stop away, middle, let's go, backaway, backaway dogs, backaway long line

21 videos 



Customised 8 week course

8 week coaching course whereby we hand pick videos for you each week based on your dog's training needs and progress. You'll have one of our expert trainer's guiding you through the content and giving bespoke advice and feedback. Submit videos of your practise sessions & get honest feedback

13 videos on week 1. Followed by 8 videos per week




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Book all 5 mini courses for £199 (Save £54.96)

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