Welcome to Adolescent Dogs, home of the Dog Owners Toolbox, where your dog can learn all the skills necessary to thrive with their human families.


Whilst dogs have been bred to live with us for many, many years we can’t discount the fact they were once wild scavengers and thus still still enjoy hobbies like bin raiding, people drag racing and legging it after squirrels!

Dogs don’t come knowing the key skills needed to be a Good Boy or Girl and just like young children, they need teachers to show them the way.


The Dog Owner's Toolbox is a whole toolbox of methods for every single training exercise you can do with your dog, so that you can discover which method will suit your individual dog!

In our online classes we start to teach your dog how to be the best behaved dog your family could wish for including:

* Sitting and staying nicely when asked

* Coming back even when there are squirrels

* Settling and chilling when asked

* Walking with the person on the end of their lead and not pulling ahead

* Ignoring other dogs and people instead of barking and lunging

* Leaving stuff when their person says, even when its the tastiest snack in the hands of the human puppy

* Greeting people and dogs calmly

* Doing simple tricks to prove to your neighbours and friends they really are the best dog in town!

* Discovering great ideas for confidence building and enrichment

Of course this will require a little effort from you too. Like any parent, showing your dog what’s right and wrong is the key to your dog graduating from the classes.


In these classes we have squished lessons into short 5 minute sessions. Commit to just 5 minutes a day and marvel at the results.

Scroll down below to see our courses. 

Online Courses - these are accessible through our Online Learning Platform - you watch and practise at your own pace by yourself, or via a coaching course with trainer support. See below for our courses

Training Clinics - these are interactive online courses accessible via Facebook - they cover specific topics and tailored to the clients who book. You will receive live videos answering questions/troubleshooting, video tutorials, feedback on your submitted videos and a community to train alongside. In these clinics, you get to train alongside Jenny & Mike each week! Click here to see our interactive clinics

Online Courses

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Online Courses

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Only £79

Puppy School

The Puppy School online course covers 8 weeks worth of basic training for your puppy or adult dog.


Watch short 5 minute videos demonstrating each exercise step by step, then practise with your dog at home for just 5 minutes each day to see excellent results.

This course covers

* Marker training
* Engagement
* Use of reinforcers
* Response to name
* Eye contact on cue
* Sit, Down and Stay
* Leave food items
* Boundary training for a quick send to bed
* Settle down on cue
* Teaching a reliable recall
* Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a lead without pulling
* Middle - the portable safe place
* Impulse control to maintain control around squirrels
* Tips on solving jumping up
* Fun tricks to boost confidence
* Enrichment and confidence building games

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Only £79

Puppy School Advanced

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs. Take your dog's training further, build reliability, advance your dog's understanding and proof to distractions.

This course covers

* Emergency stop when your dog is running away from you or bolting through a door

* Proofing the training to distractions to keep your dog's focus around dogs, people and rabbits!

* Adding distance to cues to teach your dog to respond even when they are off the lead

* Play skills

* Building a faster and more reliable response to cues learnt in Puppy School 

* Manipulating your dog's arousal to calm him down on cue

* Teaching your dog to think when he is in high arousal to improve his listening skills

* Using tricks to build a more reliable recall and distance control


Covers emergency stop away, learning to think in high arousal, distraction proofing, adding distance to cues, heeling with distraction, recall from distractions

The Puppy School and Puppy School Advanced covers all of the mini courses below 

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Only £39

Engagement Skills

Perfect start for dog's who lack motivation and who struggle to focus on you in busy environments.


This course includes

* Building the value of reinforcement

* Luring skills

* Reflex response to name

* Play skills

* Teach an on and off switch

* Eye contact on cue

* Building focus and close proximity off lead

* Middle

* Fun tricks such as spin, touch and wrap around


Only £39

Ultimate Recall

Improve the reliability of your dog's recall using a variety of training games

The course includes

* Response to name

* Building positive responses to coming in close on recall

* Reinforcing your dog for coming back

* Speed up your dog's recall response

* Build engagement and close proximity when walking

* Stop your dog on the spot when you see distractions (emergency stop)

* Using tricks to boost your dog's recall

* Teaching Middle - the portable safe space for greater off lead control

* How to move away from distractions on cue

* Using a long line

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Only £39

Calm Your Over Aroused Dog

Teach your dog how to be calm in the house, out on walks and in pubs/cafes

The course includes

* Boundary training (send to bed or platform)

* Settle and be quiet on cue

* Creating default calm in the house

* Resolving jumping up

* Middle  - the portable safe space and calm cue

* Teaching a hand touch for inreasing focus and building close proximity

* Manipulating your dog's arousal to calm on cue out on walks

* Lead walking techniques to lower arousal

* Crate training

* Wrap around trick - for improving distance control as well as close proximity

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Only £39

Impulse Control

Improve your dog's listening skills when faced with a distraction such as another dog, person, cat, squirrel, jogger etc. 

The course includes


* Wait games to improve your dog's ability to Sit and Wait around distractions

* Advanced toy games to improve impulse control

* Teach your dog to think and respond to cues when in a high level of arousal

* Play skills to improve focus and build good relationships

* Build impulse control into lead training to reduce lunging towards distractions

* Proof your training to distractions to increase focus

* Teach 3 levels of leave it to improve focus when around dogs, people or squirrels

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Only £39

Social Skills

Improve your dog's manners with greeting visitors and other dogs.


This course includes


* Boundary training (send to bed)

* Settle on cue

* Reducing jumping up to improve manners with visitors

* Responding to lead pressure to reduce lunging towards dogs or people

* Let's go cue to move away

* Lower arousal on cue

* Proofing the training to distractions so that your dog stays put when visitors arrive

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Only £39

No More Pulling

Teach your dog how to walk nicely on the lead using modern, reward based training techniques, and without the use of stop pull harnesses or head collars


This course includes


* Teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead without pulling

* Building value in close proximity

* Teaching the heel position

* Teaching your dog to maintain eye contact when cued during heeling

* Off lead heeling techniques

* Building a good leave it cue, so you can pass distractions

* Using lead walking techniques to lower arousal

* Recalling to heel when off lead

* Giving into lead pressure instead of lunging

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Only £39


Great for new puppies to ensure their confidence grows with them or adult dogs who are already nervous or lack confidence.

The course includes

* Building enrichment / confidence courses in your home/garden

* Fun tricks that boost confidence and increase body awareness

* Engage - Disengage exercises to change your dog's emotional response to scary things

* Middle - the portable safe space to build your dog's confidence around dogs and people

* Fun training games to boost confidence

* Handy cues to teach your dog to move away from scary dogs/people to reduce reactivity or fear responses

* Build confidence with handling and restraint

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£65 per hourly lesson, or £250 for a 5 hour package

Live One to One Lesson

Have a LIVE one to one lesson with one of our expert trainers via video chat.   Completely bespoke to your needs.  You can use Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp Video Messenger.

- Set the perimeters of your space by using markers

- Ensure your phone is positioned in Landscape

- The best way to capture audio is via a Bluetooth headset linked to your phone

- Good internet connection is mandatory

- Find a quiet space to learn away from distractions

Have a plan of what you'd like to cover in the lesson so that we can use the time efficiently.  You'll be matched to one of our expert trainers who will work with you via video messenger throughout the lesson.


You'll receive lesson notes via email after, and video tutorials to give you something to go away and practise. 

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Only £40 per week

Bespoke Course

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs. A completely customised weekly course to suit your training goals.  We'll hand pick 5 video tutorials for you each week for you to watch and practise at home. You can submit videos of your training sessions for feedback (optional), and you'll receive personalised training notes and guidance each week to help you to troubleshoot your dogs training progress and behaviour. Only £40 per week, with no minimum commitment. Or pay for 10 weeks for £350 and save! Please email for a payment link for a 10 week course