Whether you have a puppy who you'd like to get off to the right foot with training, or an adult dog with existing bad habits, our coaching course can help with any training challenges. We'll share our training methods that we have been developing for over 13 years and which we get consistent results with over hundreds of dogs every year through our residential training programmes. Our training is easy, simple and very effective! There is no one size fits all and we find the method that works for you and your dog!

Step 1- Sign your dog up below (Select a set syllabus course, or the coaching course)

If you select the set syllabus course, you';ll get instant access and content will be delivered weekly.

If you select the coaching course, here are the next steps after sign up:
Step 2 - Tell us about your dog and your training goals. Sending in videos will help to paint the picture!

Step 3 -  Your trainer will hand pick 5 coaching videos for you each week based on your weekly training needs
Step 4 - Watch the 3 minute coaching videos and practise with your dog everyday
Step 5 - Send us feedback each week so we know how you're getting on. If you can video your training sessions, then our feedback and guidance can be even more accurate

Step 6 - Your trainer will continue hand picking coaching videos and will send weekly personalised feedback and notes to guide you to success

To sign up, pay for your chosen course length below, then fill in the basic questionnaire at the bottom of the page so that we can set your online course access up for you today!



Are you ready to change your dog's struggles into strengths?

Perfect for puppies and adult dogs

  • Learn from your home at your own pace
  • Tailored courses for puppies & adult dogs
  • Easy and fun, 3 minute coaching videos
  • Up to 5 videos emailed to you weekly to watch and practise at home
  • No need for stressful classes or expensive one to one lessons
  • Positive training that's easy for your dog to learn
  • Videos hand picked based on your dog's weekly progress
  • Weekly feedback from your personal trainer to guide you through the content
  • Over 100 coaching videos
  • Instant online access TODAY from anywhere in the world! 
  • Videos show coaching different breeds and skill levels, as well as dogs who have never done it before!

£120 for 8 week course (£15 per week)

Our coaching videos cover every topic you will need:

  • Helping with any dog training struggle
  • Puppy & adult dog training programme
  • Basic to advanced obedience skills, including sit, down, emergency stop, leave, door manners, wait, settle, impulse control, recall, lead walking, heel, eye contact and more. 
  • Tips on managing your environment and walks
  • Rescue dog training
  • Aggression towards dogs and people
  • Barking or lunging at dogs or people
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Not coming when called
  • Jumping up / biting
  • Stealing
  • Barking
  • Manners in the home and in public
  • Chasing jogger's/cars
  • Fear or nervousness
  • Fun tricks

And more!

Heelers Toolbox - £80

22 videos to help you to find a method to teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead. Includes on lead heeling, off lead heeling, lead walking, lead pressure, eye contact exercises and impulse control. All of which will help to improve your dogs lead walking skills both on and off the lead. 

Includes 22 coaching videos.

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No commitment. Instant access to 5 videos.

1 week taster of our course to see if it will suit you.

4 week course - Only £140 (£35 per week)

Test the waters, get started with the basics and see how you and your dog get on with the course.  Useful if you only need help with a specific topic. Keep going with 4 week packages for as long as you need. 13 videos to start, then 5 videos per week. Full trainer support and feedback (28 videos total)

The Dog Owner's Toolbox - Online Coaching - Worldwide

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£80 for instant access


8 week course - Only £230 (£28 per week)

Dive right in and take control of your dog's learning today!

In 8 weeks, we can cover basic to advanced cues, and get on top of most training struggles. 13 videos to start, then 5 videos per week. Full trainer support and feedback. 48 videos total

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4 Week Course - £35 per week
8 Week Course (£28 per week)

8 week beginners course - set syllabus - £120

Set syllabus 8 week course without weekly feedback or guidance.

Includes basic commands such as sit, down leave, wait, confidence building, heeling, lead walking, recall, settling, fetch, drop, impulse control, fun tricks etc. Includes 42 coaching videos.

Carry onto the 4 week advanced course after for £80

You can learn HOW we get our GREAT results from the comfort of home from as little as £15 per week!

Our online course features weekly video tutorials that are quick and easy to watch, and quick and easy to copy at home with your dog! Our videos show a variety of methods to teach obedience cues such as sit, down, stay, middle, emergency stop, send to bed & leave, as well as lead walking, off lead heel, recall, impulse control & settle. We have videos to help build confidence in anxious dogs, and to reduce barking, reactivity and high arousal.  We also have some fun tricks you can teach such as spin, touch, wrap around, two feet up and more, which are a great way to build confidence and strengthen your bond with your dog. Each exercise is broken into smaller steps to help you build each exercise up from basic to advanced.

We offer a set 8 week course which allows you to work your way through a typical class syllabus, or we have a tailored course where we send you different content each week based on your training goals for your dog and your weekly progress. If you opt for the tailored course, you'll get your own trainer emailing you weekly with feedback and advice,

How it works

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