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Fully customised online coaching programme - limited spaces

How it works

Step 1 - We'll take a full history of your dog and you'll fill in a detailed questionnaire about your dogs training struggles

Step 2 - We'll send you a full set of videos to get you started in week 1

Step 3 - You'll video your progress throughout the week and submit the footage at the end of the week for your trainer to review. 

Step 4 - Your trainer will review your footage by analysing your technique, looking at how your dog is responding and how the training is progressing. Step 5 - You'll get detailed feedback on your videos, with suggestions on how to improve or move forward

Step 6 - Your trainer will hand pick the next set of videos based on your dog's response to the exercises and their weekly struggles

Weekly payment option: £150 per week
5 week course - £625 (£125 per week)

10 week course £1,000 (£100 per week) 

Unsure? Book a 2 week trial for £200

Add a 2nd dog half price.


Online Classes

How it works

You're signing up for an online version of our weekly classes. This is a set syllabus course for general obedience. You'll get access to 3 videos each week to work through on your own, or you can opt for coaching. If you opt for coaching, you'll submit weekly videos of you practising the exercises and your trainer will give you constructive feedback and support on the specific exercises each week.

6 week obedience class without coaching ​

Weekly payment option: £25 per week

6 week course in advance: £100 (Save £50)

6 week obedience class with coaching

Weekly payment option: £45 

 6 week course in advance: £220 (Save £50)

Add a 2nd dog half price

If you pay weekly, you can stop access at any time

COMING SOON! Ready to release in January 2019.

Are you struggling with your dog out on walks? Does your dog pull on the lead, ignore your call, bark at other dogs or display unwanted behaviour at home?

Do you WANT a better mannered dog? Do you WISH your dog would listen to you in the face of distraction? We can help you to MAKE it happen!  

We're nearly ready to release our set of online video coaching courses.  A full TOOLBOX of methods to make a change with ANY training or behaviour problem.  We'll be releasing standalone short courses for you to work through on your own, as well as a unique fully customised online residential training course, tailored to your dogs exact training needs, with weekly feedback and video review from your own personal expert trainer. Each week, you'll be sent new coaching videos based on your progress and your individual weekly struggles.

You'll get a unique view of our training methods and how we train every dog who stays here for residential training

So if you'd rather be involved with your dogs training from day 1 and don't want to send your dog to train with our expert trainers, they can help you remotely instead, anywhere in the world! 

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST TODAY, and we'll let you know when we're ready! Register your interest before Dec 31st 2018 and you'll get 15% off your first course!

Online coaching starting at just £25 per week. Scroll down for prices

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