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“Fantastic Service from Start to Finish” Written on: 28/04/2018 by MarkSerg29 

"We have just had our second handover meeting with our fantastic trainer Ola - she has done a remarkable job with our 4 month old Labrador puppy - he is now fully toilet and crate trained and has great grasp of sit, down and wait as well as food control and recall. Most importantly, we now have a comprehensive understanding of what we need to do to continue his training through the comprehensive handover notes as well as the one on one training from Ola. We cannot recommend Adolescent Dogs and Ola highly enough - the service from the moment we made our first enquiry was so friendly, efficient and caring and this continued right through the training. Ola provided fantastic updates and photo's throughout his training and we can tell she really cares about all of the dogs she trains and equally importantly making sure that the owners are set-up for success with their dogs in the future. She was always available should we have any questions - no matter how trivial."

“Can’t recommend highly enough” Written on: 17/04/2018 by SteveConnor9970 

Having a boisterous boxer puppy that was growing rapidly was starting to cause concerns for my wife. Solid muscle, full of energy and hard to control. She was walking us, not the other way around. 
So a bit of web surfing brought Adolescent Dogs to our attention. Seemed quite expensive at the outset, but reviews were good and we made a commitment to our boxer when we bought her. 
From the first enquiry, and the way in which our queries were handled, we started to get more comfortable. And we made a 4 week booking within a few days. 
We were also nervous about ‘losing’ our dog for 4 weeks, but from the first meeting with Ola I could tell that our puppy was in safe hands. 
From the run-up we were aware that we would get once weekly direct contact, plus weekly updates from Facebook. However that wasn’t the case. We received regular updates and pictures through WhatsApp, and some of the contact was in query to the puppy’s health and well being. For example we had provided a coat that covered her back, but this was through the period of snow and we were informed that this won’t cover her stomach. Ola provided our pup with a better coat through her stay, with advice for us on what to look for in a replacement. The food we had provided was too small for a dog of her size (small kibble), so again we were put on the right track. All in thee right way, and all done with the pup’s welfare in mind. 
When we picked the pup up 4 weeks later, we had a 2.5 hour handover to show us how to continue and build upon what had been taught. Another 3 hour handover since then, and another one this weekend because we have one or two minor struggles. 
Did we get a perfect dog back? No, but that would be impossible within 4 weeks. We do have a boxer puppy who can walk ‘loose lead’, come when called, has calmed considerably and is far better than we could have imagined. Less stress, calm yet playful puppy and absolutely no regrets for taking this route. 
I’m not a review writer as standard, unless there is an exceptional reason for doing so. This is one of those rare instances that fully warrants the time and effort to do so

“Transformational training!” Written on: 18/11/2017 by PennyTaylor 

"Our Welsh Springer Spaniel has just completed her follow up session following a four week residential stay with our very kind and exceptionally competent trainer.

We sent her for training when her nervous aggression became worse and we felt she was not able to control her anxiety which made her behaviour around the house and other people difficult. She was unable to walk in noisy places without lunging at people, bikes and cars. She could not settle in a pub environment without barking at people, so we stopped taking her out and about as we wanted to.

She has returned to us a happy and more relaxed dog that we can take out and about knowing she can behave and follow our instructions. She clearly enjoyed her time with the trainer and was looked after really well. She has learnt all the items on the syllabus and the trainer has spent time with us making sure we can continue developing her skills.

The whole experience has been enjoyable for both us and our dog. It is essential to listen to the advice and follow the instructions given by the trainer to ensure the training is maintained in the home environment. We have a greater understanding of our dog as a result of this training process.

We highly recommend the trainer who has worked with us and feel our expectations have been surpassed in what could be achieved."

Ola Kordas, ADIC/AS

Advanced Senior Instructor.  Shrewsbury, Shropshire

​Ola is an Advanced Senior Trainer with over 14 years experience training dogs and owns 3 dogs of her own - 2 Border Collies and a Terrier.   She gained a lot of experience with various breeds through working in a dog charity, where she helped to foster the rescue dogs as well as running behavioural consultations with the owners.

Ola has achieved the Championship class in agility with her 2 border collies in less than 2 years of competing in the UK and recently competed at Crufts 2019. She also teaches agility classes and workshops in her area as well as travels abroad to compete and run seminars

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

  • ADIC/AS - Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Senior
  • Crufts 2019 - Championship Qualification
  • BA IN Teaching English
  • Canine First Aid 2018
  • 14 years experience training dogs
  • Teaching agility workshops in Japan, Singapore, Australia and UK
  • European Open Championship - Agility Team Representative
  • World Agility Open 2018 - team manager & competitor
  • Qualified to compete in the World Agility Open and got 3 podiums
  • European Open Frisbee Championships - 2007 Vice Champion
  • ​Dog Frisbee Competitor  - 1st Place at Polish Nationals
  • ​Seminar for Agility Instructors & Agility Instructors Course
  • Polona Bonac - “Let’s play” motivation online class, September 2018
    Dr Amber Batson -
    Reactivity and Aggression seminar, September 2018
    Nando Brown & Jo-Rosie Haffended -
    Predation & Drive, Resource Guarding & Dog - dog Aggression, October 2018

  • ​Susan Garrett - Online Recallers
  • ​Attended ​Craig Ogilvie - Motivational Play Seminar
  • ​Attended Chirag Patel - Giving back to animalsseminar
  • ​Dr Ian Dunbar - Growl Classes webinar
  • ​Dr Ian Dunbar - Reliability and Games webinar
  • Dog sports seminars:Agility: Juha Orenious (FI), Jan Egil Eide (NO), Isabelle Orenious Emanuelson & Jouni Orenious (SWE), Anthony Clarke, Lee Gibson, Dave Munnings, Dan Shaw, Sian Illingworth (UK), Magdalena Ziolkowska, Monika Rylska, Magdalena Łabieniec, Tomek Jakubowski, Nina Bekasiewicz, Olga Kwiecien (PL), Antonin Grygar, Adriana Slezakova, Katerina Dzumanova (CZ)

Specialist Areas

Puppies and adult dogs

Rescue dogs
Puppy behaviour: toilet training, biting, jumping
Nervous dogs

Separation anxiety

Friendly dog socialisation

Dogs who bark and lunge at dogs on lead

Dog to dog aggression

Dog to people aggression
Training around sheep and cattle

Training around horses
Barking and lunging at dogs
Dogs who chase cars/deer/pheasants etc
Food/toy guarding
Assistance dog training

​Trick training

​Dog and people aggression

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