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5 star review - 1st December 2018

"Naomi has used kind training methods to make life more enjoyable for us and our dog. I cannot recommend her enough. I rescued my Collie x GSD Juno from Romania in June 2018 and we got a bit more than we bargained for as she was not your classic timid street dog. She is confident, bulshy and highly intelligent. Her behaviour was very difficult to deal with as she would leap at traffic, passers by and bark aggressively and try to chase bikes and joggers. She was constantly on alert both out and in the house and never seemed to rest. As much as we appreciate her for what she is and understand that her background has shaped her behaviour, we had to do something and knew that a single behaviour consultation orweekly lessons wouldn't cut it with Juno. Then we found Adolescent Dogs and our lovely trainer. I had some 1-2-1s with my other rescue Collie before and after Juno went for her stay and I was really happy with the results and meeting our trainer helped put my mind at rest as it then didn't feel like I was handing my dog over to a complete stranger for 3 weeks! I knew she would be well looked after. During the stay it was lovely to get lots of updates and pictures as we were missing Juno so much. She looked very happy. Juno returned 5 days ago and it is like having a different dog. We're trying to do everything we have been taught in our hand over session so her standard doesn't slip but it is actually easy to keep up with. She walks to heel past traffic and looks at me for a treat whenever she sees a jogger or cyclist. Running completely off lead is still a little while away but her progress is amazing. She is also a lot calmer around the house and will settle out in public. Most importantly Juno really enjoys training so it is a good bonding activity for us too. Turns out she is not an untrainable dog!"

“Highly recommended”
5 star review written on: 31/05/2018 by JABL

My dog has just returned from a 4 week stay with Adolescent Dogs. It’s a big decision to leave your much loved pet with someone else, but we couldn’t have received better care and training. Excellent communication was maintained throughout his stay, and I can see the results of a calmer and less reactive dog. He had such an enjoyable and enriching time. Thank you for the peace of mind whilst I was away, and for my very happy and well trained dog. I would definitely return to you for ‘a top up’ week if I went away again. Thank you to everyone at Adolescent Dogs, and especially to our wonderful trainer.

Naomi's Training Gallery

Naomi White, BSc (Hons), ADIC/AS

Advanced Senior Instructor. Guildford, Surrey 

Naomi has been part of the team for over 2 years and has worked her way up to Advanced Senior Trainer.  She is a talented dog trainer and gets excellent results with all of the dogs she works with.  

She has over 8 years experience fostering and training dogs with Canine Partners and has recently completed a Degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour which she completed with a First.

Naomi is passionate about reward-based training and all  of her training is done using treats, toys, games and lots of praise to ensure your dog enjoys their stay and learns effectively whilst maintaining high welfare standards.

She is able to offer training in a family environment and has a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy of her own called Rumour.

Naomi will be regularly attending seminars and courses with some of the most world renowned trainers and behaviourists to help with her continued professional development.

​She is also one of our volunteers for Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue, helping to rehabilitate street dogs from Hungary so that they can find a home.

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

ADIC/AS - Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Senior

BSc Hons Degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour

Craig Ogilvie - Attended Communicating with your over stimulated dog Seminar 2018

Sarah Whitehead - Attended Practical Instructors Course 2018

Ian Dunbar - Science Based Dog Training with Feeling Webinar

Ian Dunbar - Common Dog Behaviour and Training Problems Webinar

​Attended Brenda Aloff - Attended Canine Body Language Seminar - 2018

Michael Ellis - The Power of Training Dogs with Food webinar

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) - Attended Career as a dog trainer Seminar 2018

Attended National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference 2018

​Attended IMDT Attended The Science of Learning Theory with Nando Brown seminar

Ian Dunbar's SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy Webinar

Ian Dunbar Reliability and Games Webinar

2017 Canine First Aid

Hungary Hearts dog rescue volunteer - rehabilitating rescue dogs