Martin Cooper

Trainee Trainer Godalming, Surrey

Martin has recently joined the team as a Trainee Instructor. He lives with his partner, and Junior Trainer Kassie Cierniak, so has the benefit of daily support from an experienced trainer.

Martin has had dogs most of his life, and has previously rescued and adopted 7 dogs, helping them to work through issues such as reactivity, lack of confidence, aggression to cats, toilet training, barking and training a deaf dog. 

He now owns 3 dogs with Kassie, a very well trained Golden Retriever and Rough Collie, and their newest rescue dog, Kaju the Dachshund puppy. They also own a cat, which is perfect for any dogs who need to learn to live with a cat.

Courses attending

The School of Canine Science - Puppy Lab (currently attending)

Dr Ian Dunbar - Simple Solutions for common dog behaviour & trainijng problems

The School of Canine Science - 30 Days of Canine Science (currently attending)

5 star review for Bruce training


"Bruce is doing really well  - we are absolutely over the moon with the transformation in him.  He is so much calmer, especially around other people and we are making a huge effort not only to keep up the training, but to also make sure that he gets plenty of quiet time during the day.  Recall has slipped a bit, as I was really struggling with the 15m training line, but I've ordered a 5m one which is much easier to handle and I'm going to concentrate on that this week with him.

We can't thank Martin - and Kassie - enough.  It was clear that Bruce absolutely adored them and we are already planning to send him back for a two week refresher course"