Martin Cooper

Advanced Junior Trainer Basingstoke, Hampshire


Martin has been with the team since early 2021 and is an Advanced Junior Instructor. He lives with his partner, and Senior Trainer Kassie Cierniak, so they are a popular choice for multi dog households who want more than 1 dog trained at a time. 

Martin has experience working with a variety of breeds and gets excellent results and feedback from his clients.  He has also worked with many Assistance Dogs and is a popular choice for assistance dog residential stays. He believes in a positive training approach, utilising food, toys, praise and the environment to his advantage when training. 

Martin has had dogs most of his life, and has previously rescued and adopted 7 dogs, helping them to work through issues such as reactivity, lack of confidence, aggression to cats, toilet training, barking and training a deaf dog. 

He now owns 3 dogs with Kassie, a very well-trained Golden Retriever, a Rough Collie and a Miniature Dachshund, as well as a cat.  

Martin is a popular choice for those who prefer a busier household with lots of socialisation opportunities, and is able to provide training around local livestock such as sheep and cows, as well as controlled training around horses

Courses attending

Mike Newland - Basic Instructional Techniques Course - 2022

The School of Canine Science - Puppy Lab (currently attending)

Dr Ian Dunbar - Simple Solutions for common dog behaviour & trainijng problems

The School of Canine Science - 30 Days of Canine Science (currently attending)