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Libby Trigg, ADIC/ASAdvanced Senior Instructor.  Guildford, Surrey

Libby has trained alongside Jenny and Mike for the past 8 years and is a valued member of the team.  

She specialises in training small to medium sized dogs in our residential training programmes and has a 100% success and feedback rate from clients.  Libby only takes two dogs in for residential training at any one time - this means she is able to offer a more personal training experience.  She has a wealth of experience working with puppies, as well as more challenging dogs with behavioural issues.  She also has experience working with dogs who need to learn assistance dog tasks. So if you have a dog of your own that you'd like to train up to be an assistance dog, then Libby is an excellent match!  She has experience training dogs for owners with physical and mental disabilities, as well as helping autistic children to get more from dog ownership.

Libby is passionate about reward-based training and all  of her training is done using treats, toys, games and lots of praise to ensure your dog enjoys their stay and learns effectively whilst maintaining high welfare standards.

Libby owns her own dog, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff called Kylo and has two children (8 & 9) and is able to teach dogs manners around kids.  She also has access to her sister's 2 children (2 yrs & 5 yrs) and their 4 cats.

Libby is the Head Instructor at group training classes and helps to train up to 16 dogs every week through our group training programmes. She also works with clients on a one to one basis to help them through more specific training issues.  Libby is also a Mentor Trainer for all of our Trainee Instructors.

Background Qualifications, Online Courses, Webinars, Seminars & Experience 

  • ADIC/AS - Adolescent Dogs Instructor Certificate - Advanced Senior
  • Grisha Stewart - Intro to BAT for reactivity - Behaviour Adjustment Training Webinar
  • Forrest Micke - Engagement Skills Webinar
  • Forrest Micke - Heelers Toolbox Webinar
  • Brenda Aloff - The Engaged Dog - Brenda Aloff Academy
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression - Fighting & Biting Webinar
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Growl Classes Webinar
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Science Based Dog Training with Feeling Webinar
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Crucial Concepts in Dog Training and Behaviour Webinar
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Sirius Dog Training Academy Webinar
  • Dr Ian Dunbar - How to train a puppy Webinar
  • Attended Brenda Aloff - Reactivity
  • Attended IMDT - Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Canine Rehabilitation and Aggression
  • Attended Temperament Dogs - Bravery Boost Puppy Training

Recent 5 star reviews for Libby

Buddy Training - 

"We sent our Labrador puppy, Buddy, to Libby for two weeks. Before he went, I was struggling a little (if I'm honest, I was occasionally, rather regretting our decision to have a dog). Though it was obvious he had a lovely nature, he was nipping the children and bad habits were forming, such as pulling on the lead and jumping up at people etc. When I picked him up from his stay with Libby it was obvious he was extremely fond of her and that he had had a wonderful time there but also, she had installed a set of commands that he understood and responded brilliantly to. I am writing this review a month later and since Buddy’s stay with Libby, my experience of owning a dog has been transformed. Buddy's manners are now excellent; he has not nipped the children once, he no longer jumps up at people, recall is good and the other commands she put in place are still going strong. Moreover, the aftercare from Libby has been amazing - two handover sessions plus very helpful tips. I have been in no doubt that she really cares for dogs as this has shone through in every communication we’ve had. Libby is clearly a very talented professional with huge amounts of kindness and compassion. I would recommend her again and again."

“First Class Training from first class people” Written on: 28/03/2017 by HV71 

From the very first moment we contacted Adolescent Dogs regarding the training of our working cocker spaniel puppy Bailey - we knew we were dealing with a highly competant and professional organisation. The residential four week course was with a lady who was simply amazing in every way. The handover of our precious puppy and the continuous updates on his progress left us feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that Bailey was getting the very best in training and care that he could have. He was housed with the family which included young children and another dog. This meant that his socialisation and introduction to the world was much wider than we could ever have given him . He was returned to us as a well mannered , well trained puppy - which can be witnessed on video at the Adolescent Dog Website. She has remained in touch including the follow up session included in the programme. Her manner and demeanour is first rate - and her ability with dogs is simply amazing . Bailey went absolutely wild when he saw her again two weeks after leaving her charge - he clearly loved his time with her.

If you are thinking of training your dog - do it ! - you will be delighted with the outcome.

“Don't think twice ! Adolescent dogs ” Written on: 14/12/2016

"We had already decided before getting our puppy that we would send them to adolescent dogs for training . Being disabled I knew I wouldn't be able to put in to place the training needed so we had already chosen the trainer and made tentative enquiries regarding booking . 
For anyone thinking about doing it don't hesitate , Freddie my sprocker puppy went for three weeks when he was 10 weeks old and came back with all his commands just as we had hoped . Three months down the line he has gone from strength to strength with all he was taught still in place . Walking on a lead is brilliant and for anyone who has a spaniel they will know this is a big ask , they are notorious 'pullers' but not our boy I am so pleased . 
The lady we chose was warm and reassuring , photographs , emails and texts helped us feel he wasn't far away and let us know how he was progressing . Due to poor mobility I wasn't able to make the second handover so she kindly offered to come to me which was such a relief .

Follow up help is always forthcoming via phonecall and text to help me when I get stuck on an aspect of training . These are people who obviously love dogs and are passionate about what they do , the service they offer is second to none . What can I say just brilliant !"

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