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Kate Dunn

Junior Instructor. Shrewsbury

Kate is one of our Junior Level Trainers and is a valued member of the team.

Kate lives in a busy family environment with her own dogs and her family’s dogs at home to provide safe and controlled socialisation. She has helped with training them all including spaniels, huskies and lurchers and is lucky enough to have 2 acres of land for walking and training at home.

Kate has 2 spaniels of her own who she trained both as rough shooting dogs and one also as a sniffer dog for; money, tobacco, blood and alcohol. She will be advancing the sniffer training by taking a detection dog course. She is also advancing her general training knowledge by currently studying the Pro Dog Trainer and Kamal Fernandez training course. She has also complete a dog fear course.

Kate has the unique opportunity to train around sheep, pigs and chickens, and frequently trains alongside our Advanced Senior Trainer Ola to excell her results​