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Does your dog chase anything that moves?
Does your dog run off to play with other dogs without a second thought?
Does your dog ignore commands when he is excited?
Does your dog see something he wants and just take it?
Does your dog steal things?

Our Impulse Control Workshop will help to improve your dogs impulse control and ability to listen and respond to cues, even when distracted by things he wants


- Teaching a super strong leave it cue
- Proofing your dogs Wait cue in the face of a high level distraction
- Teaching your dog to turn away from high level distractions without a cue
- Increase your dog's ability to think and respond when he is highly aroused
- Improve your relationship with your dog

Next Workshop is Saturday 11th May 10am to 12pm.
Price is £70 per dog.
Location: Adolescent Dogs Headquarters. Private field in Ewhurst, Surrey. GU6

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