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3 to 4 weeks (70 to 80% reliability around distractions)

​In 3 weeks, your dog will start to learn how to respond more reliably to all of the commands when around distractions. In 4 weeks, this level is taken to a more advanced and reliable level, especially when around other dogs and off lead. This length of stay is ideal if you'd like us to do the hard part of distraction proofing and teaching your dog to ignore distractions.  All of the commands from a 2 to 3 week stay are covered, as well as send to bed, chasing recalls, impulse control, stay with distractions, off lead heelwork, recall from dogs, lead walking past dogs, distance control around distractions and more.

Below is a list of the main types of problems we deal with in residential training:

  • New puppy training or adult dog re-training
  • Early puppy socialisation
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Refusing to walk on the lead
  • Barking or lunging at dogs
  • Jumping up
  • Not coming when called
  • Chasing cyclists, joggers, cars, horses etc.
  • Mouthing & biting
  • Toilet training
  • Stealing food / household items
  • Not waiting at doorways
  • Possession aggression around food / toys
  • Inappropriate behaviour around children
  • Playing too rough with other dogs
  • Barking for attention or at the door
  • Separation anxiety / barking when left
  • Aggression towards dogs or people and more...
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4 to 6 weeks (80 to 90% reliability) - If your dog has any aggression issues, then 4 weeks is our minimum recommendation so that we have time to work on the problem and change your dogs behaviour.

Stays over 4 weeks are also recommended for the best level of reliability, but this can also be achieved via 'top up stays' throughout the year or whenever you go on holiday.

Recommended lengths of stay

Please see theFAQ page to see what to expect from training.

It doesn't matter how many of the issues above your dog is displaying.  Our length of stay recommendation is based on how reliable you'd like the training to be once your dog returns home..

​​Owner training - You and your family will receive essential training at the end of your dogs stay.  Our instructors will provide one to one coaching to ensure that your dog learns to respond to you once home.  First, your instructor will demonstrate everything that your dog has learnt, then they'll go through each exercise step by step to make sure you can get the same results.  A follow up lesson is provided free of charge should you need extra help. You'll also receive a handover manual and video to reference back to in case you forget anything.  Your instructor will be on hand for free advice via email and phone for up to 12 months after.


2 to 3 weeks (50 to 70% reliability around distractions)

Your dog will learn all of the commands from our syllabus at a basic level. This means there will be little to no distraction proofing and reliability may be low.  This length of stay is ideal if you'd like a good solid foundation in place and for your dog to understand all of the commands.  Commands include: Sit, down, down from a distance, emergency stop, recall, lead walking, heelwork, leave it, stay, doorway manners, food bowl manners, meeting people without jumping, toilet training etc.