Guy Olliver

Senior Trainer Eastbourne, West Sussex


Guy recently joined our team as a Senior level trainer, but is not new to training. He has been training professionally for 4 years, teaching agility classes, training IGP with his own dogs and competed in agility competitions all over the UK.  Guy also has a passion for teaching scentwork, and can incorporate this into any residential stay, providing mental stimulation for the dogs in his care

He owns 4 dogs of his own, 2 Labradors, a Belgian Malinois and a Working Cocker Spaniel and lives in Eastbourne, giving him easy access to the busy town centre, beach, countryside and livestock. 

Guy loves working with high drive and challenging dogs, as well as puppies and dogs in adolescence!  He believes in modern, reward based training methods using both food and toys in his training

Courses attended

British College of Canine Studies - Advanced Canine Behaviour - currently studying

School of Canine Science - Scent for six - 2020

School of Canine Science - Behaviour Bible - currently studying

When we got our rescue pup, we realised quite quickly we might have bitten off more than w
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“Hector, trainer Guy Olliver at Adolescent Dogs.

We contacted Adolescent Dogs towards the end of last year about our 18 month old Otterhound Henry, and they recommended their trainer in Eastbourne, Guy Olliver. Henry spent 6 weeks with Guy and came back a hugely different dog, who could walk quietly on a lead and respond to recall. My husband Peter has already written a review about Henry and you can see the difference in this video.

Before Henry came home, we also booked our 13 month old Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer in to spend 4 weeks with Guy. We felt that it would be sensible to have both dogs trained to the same standard. Peter and I are both disabled and having dogs that can behave well in public is absolutely vital to us, as we cannot run after or use strength to restrain them. Hector’s behaviour is so much improved. He is a pleasure to walk and ignores rather than greets other dogs when before he was barking and leaping at the end of the lead. Obviously, he and we are works in progress but I know both Guy and Adolescent Dogs will continue to support us as long as we need them to.

Obviously this has been a financial investment in our dogs and our future peace of mind and happiness but for us it has been worth every penny. Whilst they were away, our dogs were not kept in kennels, they stayed in Guy’s home as part of his human and canine family. They were trained and treated with absolute kindness never shouted at or threatened. They received the hours of training that was right for their characters, age and issues, there was no quibble as to whether that was more than contracted. They came home happy animals who understood boundaries. Guy is an amazing trainer, his understanding and handling of all sizes but especially large dogs is exceptional. He took time not just to understand our dogs but also us, both as people and the restrictions our disabilities place on how we handle our dogs. Adolescent Dogs have given us excellent administrative and training back up, they are extremely professional and knowledgeable. We actually feel we have received amazing value for money and would highly recommend both Guy and Adolescent Dogs to anyone who feels they might need a little or a lot of help with their Best Friends.

C Holland March 2022.”