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Guy Olliver

Senior Trainer Eastbourne, West Sussex


Guy recently joined our team as a Senior level trainer, but is not new to training. He has been training professionally for 4 years, teaching agility classes, training IGP with his own dogs and competing in agility competitions all over the UK.  Guy also has a passion for teaching scentwork, and can incorporate this into any residential stay, providing mental stimulation for the dogs in his care

He owns 5 dogs of his own, 2 Labradors, 2 Belgian Malinois and a Working Cocker Spaniel and lives in Eastbourne, giving him easy access to the busy town centre, beach, countryside and livestock. 

Guy loves working with high drive and challenging dogs, specialising in working with large breeds and reactive dogs. He also enjoys working with puppies and dogs in adolescence!  He believes in modern, reward based training methods using both food and toys in his training

Courses attended

British College of Canine Studies - Advanced Canine Behaviour - currently studying

School of Canine Science - Puppy Lab - 2022

Craig Ogilvie - Arousal & problematic behaviours seminar - 2022

Kamals Fernandez - Over aroual issues in dogs - 2022

Craig Ogilvie - Play Instructors Course - 2022

Trevor Cooper - Dog Law for Professionals - 2022

Canine First Aid Course - 2022

School of Canine Science - Scent for six - 2020

School of Canine Science - Behaviour Bible - currently studying

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