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Why choose Adolescent Dogs? 

Adolescent Dogs is the leading specialist for Residential Dog Training that offers home boarding in the UK.  We have a large team of instructors who all have a wide range of skills, expertise and training experience to suit any dog that arrives for training.  

Your dog lives with their instructor in their home as part of the family - this means that your dog will be happier, more relaxed and ready to learn than when staying in a kennel environment.  All of our training is done 'on location' which means that your dog will learn manners in the home, as well as out on a walk for a
realistic training experience.

Adolescent Dogs has an excellent reputation built up over 10 years and continues to receive the highest volume of 5 star reviews within the industry.  We care about your dogs training and we care about your dog continuing to do well with that training for years to come.  

What is Residential Training and how does it work?

Residential Dog Training is where your dog lives with one of our Instructors in their home for usually between 2 to 6 weeks depending on training requirements.

Your dog receives several intensive training sessions with their instructor everyday.  Our programmes enable your dog to learn commands quickly and effectively in a short space of time.  Having your dog living with us means that we can be consistent and put countless repetitions of commands in place to accomplish a great deal more than a weekly class or 1-2-1 lesson would.  

All of the Instructors maintain the highest standard of training and not only teach a great deal of training in a short space of time, but are able to start building a good level of reliability and consistency around distractions in a matter of weeks - rather than the months it would take via classes.  This means that dogs are able to better generalise the training once home and retain all of the training that they have learnt during the stay.

Training the owner is equally as important as training the dog, so at the end of your dogs stay, the instructor will spend up to 4 hours teaching you how to handle your dog and maintain the training.  It is very important to us that the training is a worthwhile investment for you, so we have perfected our 'handover' lessons to ensure that the training 'sticks' once home. You receive a digital training guide, handover video and ongoing telephone & email support to ensure that your dogs training stays in place for the future.​

What training methods are used?

We believe in a positive, reward based approach to training and use modern techniques.  The core of our training is based on building a good bond with each dog, discovering what motivates them and using it to our advantage to train your dog.  This often means using a variety of motivators such as food, toys, praise, fuss and environmental rewards.  Once your dog fully understands a training command for example, he can learn to earn things he finds enjoyable, such as responding to a Sit command to earn access to the garden, for a game of fetch, to earn freedom off lead, to earn play time with another dog, to swim in a river or for a cuddle with their owner.

Using kind, reward based training is much faster, more reliable and creates a happier dog than using punitive and out dated training methods.  Dogs who enjoy training, learn quicker and retain the training for longer than those taught through fear and punishment.  This is why our residential programmes are so effective - the dogs are happy and love training!

What age is the best age to send my dog for training?

As early as possible.  We take puppies in from as young as 8 weeks, to as old as 10 years old... so no dog is too young or too old to train.  Puppies learn best from 12 weeks old onwards, but we have had puppies here from as young as 8 weeks.

The earlier your dog arrives for training, the greater chance there is for long term success.  A puppy that's been practising jumping and biting for a couple of weeks for example, is much easier to re-train than a 10 month old puppy that has been jumping and biting for 8 months!  The longer your dog has been displaying & practising the unwanted behaviour, the more of a habit It becomes and the longer it will take to put a new and more desirable behaviour in its place.  So if you are struggling with any training, its important that you address the problem earlier rather than later.

No matter how old your dog is, you will still need to be committed to maintaining the training once your dog returns home.  Residential Training only works if you can dedicate a small amount of time each day to keeping up the training

​​​​​​​​What do you teach my dog?

All of our training programmes are tailored to your requirements.  So whether your dog has no training or is partially trained already, we can tailor a course to suit you and your dog.  

If you have a disability that needs catering for, our instructors are more than able and willing to accommodate your needs.  We have worked with many owners with various physical and mental disabilities and all of the training is catered specifically to their needs, including teaching assistance dog tasks.

Our general training syllabus is designed to put all of the essential training in place - all of these exercises are generally required to address nearly every training issue.  However, if there is anything specific that you'd like us to work on or teach, this can be added into your dogs training programme.

What should I expect once my dog returns home?

Residential Training isn't a quick fix by any means.  It is vital than any owner who sends their dog for training can be committed to maintaining their dogs training once they return home.  Our residential stays are designed to put all of the foundations in place, but it is ultimately up to you to keep it all going once your dog returns home.  

Depending on the length of stay selected, your dog will have a good understanding of the obedience commands and will have reached a certain level of reliability around distractions.  However, it can take many months to establish good, reliable behaviour on and off the lead, so you will need to put the time in yourself once the instructor has shown you what to do.  There is plenty of support available to you at the end of the stay and the instructors are always on hand to help with any difficulties you might experience.

What about behavioural problems?

If your dog has issues with aggression, fears, phobias etc, then progress is very different.

Often it is not a case of simply 'fixing' these types of problems, rather giving your dog the tools to be able to deal with situations easier.  

We aim to make improvements where possible and give owners more control through training and socialising, aiming to reduce the level and frequency of reactivity.  Owners must accept that often it is a case of life long 'management' for their dog, not a 'quick fix solution'.   Your dog will be taught different strategies for dealing with scenarios that would normally entice a reaction - this is often through teaching your dog that he can move away from a scenario rather than engage with it in an aggressive or fearful way.  It is often not about teaching your dog to love everyone and everything!  Sometimes we must accept that for whatever reason, our dogs are simply not comfortable with these situations and never will be.

Doesn't the owner need to be part of the training?

This is a common misconception.  It is actually more effective and less stressful for dog and owner if the owner isn't involved right at the start of training.  Successfully training a dog is a skill that takes years for trainers to master - therefore it is much more effective for a professional to do the hard part (putting the training in place and undoing bad behaviour) and then teaching owners how to be handlers afterwards (which doesn't take very long) rather than teaching them to be dog trainers (which takes years).

Our Professional Instructors can get your dogs training 'right' from the start using proven methods to un-do unwanted behaviours and put new commands in place.  The Instructor can discover the techniques and motivation to get the results from your dog with as few mistakes as possible - this is much less stressful for your dog.

Many owners are worried that their dog will forget them or will only bond to the trainer and then not respond to them when they return home.  However, once your dog fully understands whats expected of him and is confident responding to the commands, its very easy to translate the training over to you.  You will quickly find that your relationship with your dog will improve dramatically since you will both now have a better understanding of how to communicate with each other.

Do you have any reviews from clients who have been through your training already?

Yes, we have over a hundred 5 star reviews on the Review Centre.  Click here to see reviews

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