Residential Dog Training 

Award Winning Intensive training for puppies & adult dogs. We train your dog for you!

Here at Adolescent Dogs, we offer a very unique opportunity for your dog to join us for home based residential training courses. 

Our dog's are part of our family, and we want to be able to take them with us anywhere. This is why teaching our dog's to walk nicely on the lead, come when called and to settle on cue is so important.

Our residential stays allow us to invite your family dog to come and live with one of our caring, expert trainers in their own family homes to receive daily intensive training.  We create a training programme that is completely customised to your needs so that you can feel confident taking your dog with you anywhere

We train your dog for you, then transfer the skills to you so that you can easily keep the training going

This training is vital if you've ever experienced

  • Dreading going for a walk with your dog

  • Embarrassment at your dog’s choices and behaviour

  • Barking, reactivity, pulling, lunging, sniffing, distraction, 

  • Lack of focus or self-control or anything else your naughty dog might think of doing!

Deciding who to trust with your beloved family dog is a tough decision to make.  Our team of expert trainers offer a caring, secure, positive and safe environment for your family dog and only use positive training methods.  You'll receive regular photo & video updates throughout, and full owner training is provided to ensure lifetime success

Intensive training is perfect for owners who want to ensure they are getting the training right, and want the benefit of expert guidance from start to end. 

Did you know, most dog owners simply don't have the skills, knowledge, access to daily distractions or time needed to build reliability around other dogs and people, and in different environments, so receiving intensive training from an expert is the perfect solution! You shouldn't feel an ounce of guilt about seeking help for your dog. You are being a responsible dog owner, and both you and your dog will reap the rewards of having excellent training in place.

Booking an intensive course is the best thing you can do for your family dog, so he can enjoy the freedom he deserves, and you can enjoy taking your dog out with confidence. We welcome all breeds of dogs, and cater training for puppies from 8 weeks of age, right up to old age. It's never too early or late!

Locations: Surrey, Hampshire & West Sussex

We offer Nationwide & European collection


Puppy Programmes

From 12 weeks, we begin our obedience training programme, covering training, socialisation and toilet training.


If you want to ensure your puppy has the very best start to his training and socialisation and want to make sure you're doing everything right, then this programme is for you! Not only do we make sure your puppy has the best start to his education, we share the skills and knowledge with you, so that you can feel confident carrying it all on through to adulthood.

Puppies don't grow out of their unwanted behaviours, they only grow into them! At least half of our intensive stays are puppy clients! 


The BEST age to start a puppy stay is between 12 weeks and 6 months of age. Don't wait for your puppy to develop problem behaviour, teach your puppy now so he can grow with his training!



Adult Dogs & Rescue Dogs

We provide re-training programmes for adult dogs and rescue dogs. If you're struggling to take your dog's training to the reliable level that you need, then our expert trainers have the skills and knowledge to get fast results for you!  Many owners lack the skills, time or regular access to distractions to build any kind of reliability themselves.

Our team can quickly help to get on top of lead pulling, recall, jumping, barking, hyperactivity, toilet training, lunging at cars/dogs/joggers, behaviour around children, behaviour arounds cats/livestock, settling in the home and in pubs/cafes, settling in your workplace, assistance/therapy dog tasks and all basic to advanced obedience

Your dog is never too young or too old to learn! We take dogs as young as 12 weeks and as old as 10 years!


Reactive Dogs

If your dog is lunging, barking or showing aggression towards dogs or people, whether through fear, frustration, over excitement, guarding or any other reason, we can help.

The best time to get on top of this type of problem is now! The longer you leave it, the worse your dog's behaviour will get and the longer it will take to change.

As with any training, you'll need to be fully committed to keeping up your dog's training once home, as whilst we can put the essential groundwork in place and start to see huge improvements and changes, training will be ongoing for months.  We'll transfer the skills and knowledge over to you after the stay to ensure you feel confident handling your dog and continuing the good work started here

Training syllabus


Our training programmes are customised to your needs, but here are a few things we can cover

  • Basic to advanced obedience

  • Puppy training - toileting, crate training, play biting etc

  • Puppy Socialisation - intro to dogs,people, animals, noises, novelty

  • Manners meeting people without jumping/biting/excitement

  • Walking on a lead without pulling

  • Reduce barking & lunging at dogs/people/joggers/cyclists

  • Come when called away from distractions

  • Improve social skills with other dogs

  • Respond to commands under distraction

  • Reduce barking at noises, dogs, people, or for attention

  • Build control around animals (cats, dogs, livestock)

  • Household manners (toilet training, settling, stealing)

  • Training around children in a family home

  • Food / toy / stolen object guarding

  • Settling in pubs and cafes

  • Building confidence in nervous or fearful dogs

  • Rehabilitating rescue dogs

  • Helping rescue dogs from abroad to adjust to UK life

  • Teaching assistance /therapy dog tasks

  • Improving behaviour of dogs who are reactive to dogs or people due to fear, frustration, excitement or aggression

  • Separation Anxiety - dogs with separation anxiety are not suitable for residential training. Please contact us to discuss in more detail if you think your dog may have separation anxiety




How many weeks to book


Puppy Socialisation

From as early as 8 weeks of age, we can jump start your pups toilet training routine, teach household manners & training, and start building positive experiences with anything your pup will need to be able to cope with as an adult, such as children, adults, dogs, cats, livestock, noises, traffic, different surfaces, handling, grooming etc


From 12 weeks of age, we also start the full obedience training as below 

2 week stays

Our minimum stay for intensive training is 2 weeks to teach your puppy or adult dog essential key skills and an excellent foundation of training.  


In 2 weeks, there is time to teach your dog new commands & behaviours in a low level distraction environment. We can help to improve your dog's lead walking, recall, manners meeting people, household manners, manners at pubs, calmness, impulse control etc, and you will need to be prepared to continue advancing your dog's training to achieve more control around distractions


Includes: up to 5 commands taught in a low level distraction environment

3 to 4 week staysmost popular

Our most popular length of stay is 3 to 4 weeks. In week 3, we're solidifying the training from week 2, and starting to proof to distractions, and in week 4, we're immersed around distractions more frequently and building more reliability. 

So if you need your dog to focus on you when around other dogs and people, this is the best length of stay to achieve this. 

Your dog will have a foundation understanding of training around distractions, and so your dog will need many months of input from you to make this truly reliable


Includes: Up to 10 commands taught in busy environments

6 week stays

For additional reliability, or for dogs with behavioural issues, our 6 week stays offer the best level of reliability around distractions. Ideal if you'd like us to put a higher level of training in place for you and cover a broader variety of training exercises


Includes: Up to 15 commands taught in busy environments 

Top up stays

The most reliable level of training is achieved through regular top up stays. So any time you go on holiday, your dog can come back for a refresher and advancement training. This helps to keep your dog's training fresh, and to continue building a reliable response to commands when out and about.  

There is no minimum stay for top ups, but we do recommend that less than 2 weeks is ok for maintenance, and 2 weeks minimum to see improvements/advancement, 1 handover lesson is included.


Multi dog households

If you have more than one dog that you'd like to send in for training, then be prepared for lots of hard work! 


First we must establish a good level of training for each dog on their own. Once a good level of training is in place (after 4 weeks), we can start to teach the dogs how to respond together. This takes a further 2 to 3 weeks, with ongoing training to be expected.  You will need to be prepared to walk and train your dogs separately until you feel confident with each dog individually.  This could take several months. If your dogs are reactive, there is a possibility that they will always need to be walked separately. 


Owner training

Full owner training is provided at the end of each stay. You'll receive a minimum of 2 x 2 hour owner training lessons whereby we will transfer your dogs training over to you.  You'll be taught the skills needed to continue with your dogs training once home, so that you can achieve long term success.   If you are shielding due to Covid 19, we can provide video handovers instead.

You'll also receive up to 6 weeks of free follow up lessons should you need them, a comprehensive training guidebook and video tutorials. You'll also have lifetime access to your trainer via email/phone for any additional support

50% of the training we do here is with your dog, but critically, 50% of the training is with you. You must be committed to attending your owner training lessons and continuing your dog's training. We can only put the foundation training in place, not send back a fully trained dog , so it is up to you to maintain your dog's training daily in order to see results. 



When you book any Residential Stay

  • FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to our Online Training Clinics, so you can get started with your dog's training right now whilst you wait for your dog's stay to begin, and to help you to keep up and advance your dog's training after



Every dog is different based on their age, breed, personality, previous learning history and environment. They all learn at very different paces and no two dogs can be compared.


Having said that, 95% of dogs thrive with intensive training and we get excellent results.  Occasionally, dogs can struggle to transfer the training to their owners, and should this happen, we guarantee to continue providing free one to one lessons to help you with your dog's ongoing training

It is important to us that your dog's training course is successful and that you are able to see the same results that we achieved here.  

As long as you are committed to putting the time into your owner training, then we are committed to putting time into your training too!


It is important to note that the training we put in place is foundations only. In 2 weeks we are teaching the foundation commands in low level distraction environments, and in 3 to 4 weeks we are building the foundations for responding to the training around distractions. You will need to commit to continuing your dog's training for life, so that the training becomes more reliable and understood in multiple envrionments. If you are wanting a robot dog who you have to put no effort into once home,then residential training isn't for you. 

Watch our YouTube channel for over 2,100 training videos, showing what is achievable


Price (includes VAT)

Trainee - Basic obedience only (less reliability)- £500 per week

Junior Trainer - Basic to advanced obedience - £700 per week

Advanced Senior Trainer - Basic to advanced obedience, behaviour & reactivity - £900 per week

Head Trainers -  All of the above - £1,150 per week


3 Day Trial: £300  - to see if your dog can settle before committing to booking

Pet Sitting in your home - £750 per week, tending multiple family pets. Please request info for the training add on 

Please note, our Trainees are still learning, so are only able to put some basics in place, and possibly not all, and there will be less reliability with the cues than a Junior or above.

If you live local to our trainers, you may be able to have your dog home each weekend. Please ask for more details. 

50% deposit secures the dates. Balance payment due 1 week before arrival. Payments accepted by Bank Transfer, or Credit/Debit Card.

Payment plans available - book 3 to 6 months in advance and pay a 25% deposit, with monthly payments until arrival.

What's included

  • Customised training programme

  • Home boarding inside the trainers family home

  • Daily intensive training on & off throughout the day

  • Positive reinforcement training

  • Training out on location in the real world where you need it

  • Daily walks, play sessions, and socialisation

  • Photo & video updates

  • Email progress reports

  • 2 x 2 hour handover lessons (with the trainer, additional travel cost applies for home handover)

  • Up to 6 weeks of free follow up lessons if needed

  • Handover video on request

  • Free access to our Online Clinics for ongoing feedback and support

  • Free access to our full library of video tutorials

  • Video of your dog's progress featured on YouTube

  • Low instructor to dog ratio (Each trainer takes between 1 to 4 dogs in for training)



Please email us with details about your dog and their training needs so that we can match your dog to their trainer

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If you can't see what you're looking for, please get in touch. We often have extra spaces saved .

Please ask us for availability beyond the dates below



Board & Train

Advanced Senior Katie in Guildford -from 22nd 

Pet Sitting in your home


Advanced Senior Lyn Newland - from 21st September- UK WIDE



Board & Train

Head Trainers Jenny & Mike - from 1st

Junior Tracey in Godalming - from 2nd

Junior Ruth in East Grinstead - from 2nd

Junior Kassie in Aldershot - from 5th

Advanced Senior Verity in Worthing - from 5th

Advanced Senior Katie in Guildford -from 1st

Advanced Senior Bekki in Southampton - from 1st

Advanced Senior Naomi in Guildford - from 25th

Pet Sitting in your home

Advanced Senior Lyn Newland - from 1st October - UK WIDE



Board & Train

Head Trainers Jenny & Mike - from 1st

Advanced Senior Bekki in Southampton - from 1st

Junior Tracey in Godalming - from 1st

Junior Ruth in East Grinstead - from 1st

Junior Kassie in Aldershot - from 1st

Advanced Senior Verity in Worthing - from 1st

Advanced Senior Naomi in Guildford - from 1st

Advanced Senior Katie in Guildford -from 17th

Pet Sitting

Advanced Senior Lyn Newland - from 1st November- UK WIDE

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