Doggy Day Care Training

Award Winning Intensive training for puppies & adult dogs. We train your dog for you!

if you're looking for something more valuable than a dog walker, more controlled and beneficial than a normal doggy day care, but less intensive than a residential stay, then this option is for you. This also works as a great addition to the end of a residential stay to help you to keep up your dog's training

Locations: Guildford and Littleport . Monday to Friday. Select 1 to 5 days per week

How it works

We collect your dog from your home on your chosen days (like a dog walker would) and provide training and enrichment for your dog for a minimum of 3 hours a day. Your dog will share their day with other dogs, receive lots of intensive training customised to your requirements, a daily walk and calming enrichment. After every 10 sessions, you'll receive a free one to one lesson to use if needed, and you'll have full free access to our online dog training course to help you with training maintenance 

The benefits

  • Improve your dog's general obedience. The training plan is fully customised to your dog's training needs. We can cover general obedience, trick training, sniffer work and mental enrichment

  • Outdoor fun - your dog will be out and about with the trainer, and not cooped up in an indoor facility. 

  • Controlled socialisation - unlike most daycares where your dog will be having relentless, uncontrolled play all day with other dogs (learning bad habits, building frustration and learning poor social skills), here your dog will learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs, train alongside them, walk alongside them and relax with them. Therefore not damaging your important bond with your dog and not over 'doggyfying' your dog! In other words, your dog will have doggy friends, but will learn how to respond to you when needed and not become obsessed with other dogs!

  • Enrichment - providing mental stimulation for your dog each day is an important part of teaching them how to calm down, switch off and get proper rest time!  It also helps with lowering arousal levels, which is great news for reactive or hyper dogs.

  • Exercise - we provide your dog with the right type of exercise.  Relaxed, sniffy walks to encourage exploring, as well as improving your dog's responsiveness out on a walk so that your walks can be more enjoyable

  • Photos/videos - you'll receive photos and videos each week so you can see what your dog is up to and what they're learning

  • Video tutorials - you'll receive full access to our online dog training courses so that you can learn how to keep up the training yourself when we're not there

  • One to one - every 10 sessions with us, you'll receive a free one to one so that we can show you what training we've done and what you need to do to keep it up

  • For more intensive training and faster results, take a look at our Intensive Training where your dog can either board with us for a few weeks, or we can Collect from your home Monday to Friday for 3 weeks or more.

Training syllabus


Our training programmes are customised to your needs, but here are a few things we can cover

  • Basic to advanced obedience

  • Manners meeting people without jumping/biting/excitement

  • Walking on a lead without pulling

  • Reduce barking & lunging at dogs/people/joggers/cyclists

  • Come when called away from distractions

  • Improve social skills with other dogs

  • Respond to commands under distraction

  • Reduce barking at noises, dogs, people, or for attention

  • Build control around animals (cats, dogs, livestock)

  • Food / toy / stolen object guarding

  • Settling in pubs and cafes

  • Building confidence in nervous or fearful dogs

  • Rehabilitating rescue dogs

  • Helping rescue dogs from abroad to adjust to UK life

  • Teaching assistance /therapy dog tasks

  • Improving behaviour of dogs who are reactive to dogs or people due to fear, frustration, excitement or aggression

Price is £110 per day and includes

  • Fully customised training programme

  • Daily collection & drop off service from your home

  • Flexible day selection (1 to 5 days per week)

  • Up to 3 hours of daily training

  • Training out on location

  • Daily walks & play sessions

  • Daily enrichment & mental stimulation

  • Controlled socialisation

  • Regular photo/video updates on request

  • Monthly email progress reports

  • 1 free owner training lesson every 10 sessions

  • Free access to our online courses

  • Lifetime email & phone support


A 50% deposit secures your chosen dates, with the balance payment due 7 days before arrival.

Minimum commitment is 4 weeks. 

Or book a TASTER week to try it out!

Payments accepted by bank transfer or online by credit/debit card


Limited spaces available from September

Request to book, or more information