Puppy Find & Train Service

Early selection, training, socialisation and owner education helps to keep puppies in their homes for life. We want to help owners to make better choices when sourcing & selecting a puppy to join their family.

What we can do

  • We can help you discover which breed will be best matched to your family, based on temperament and energy requirements

  • We can send you a list of reputable breeders to contact 

  • We give you a list of red flags and questions for when you visit the litter to choose a puppy

  • We provide training from as early as 8 weeks via residential training or classes

  • We can visit litters for you and help you to select a puppy

Why we do this

Many dog owners start their journey at a disadvantage because they unknowingly purchase a puppy from a backyard breeder or puppy farm. They often start off with a poorly socialised puppy with challenging behavioural problems that they then have to learn to live with, or end up rehoming.  Many dogs end up in rehoming centres for preventable problems that started with the breeder.

Our aim is to help ensure all owners can benefit from a well bred, well socialised, well trained puppy that is a pleasure to own.  Getting the selection, training and socialisation right from the start will make a big difference to the outcome of your puppy's lifelong behaviour and temperament

Training Service

We provide early socialisation programmes for pre-vaccinated puppies (8 to 12 weeks), which helps to build positive experiences around children, adults, cats, vaccinated dogs, traffic, sounds, walking on surfaces, handling, grooming, getting used to collars, leads and harnesses and more.  It also helps to develop a good routine for toilet training, and make a start on teach some basic cues such as sit, down and meeting without jumping or biting.

From 12 weeks, we begin our obedience training programme. From 12 weeks, we can teach your puppy to walk nicely on the lead, to come when called, to settle at home and in pubs, to greet visitors without jumping, to stay when told, to leave food or items, to fetch a toy and bring it back, to wait at doorways, to meet other dogs politely and more.


If you want to ensure your puppy has the very best start to his training and socialisation and want to make sure you're doing everything right, then this programme is for you! Not only do we make sure your puppy has the best start to his education, we share the skills and knowledge with you, so that you can feel confident carrying it all on through to adulthood.

Puppies don't grow out of their unwanted behaviours, they only grow into them! At least half of our residential stays are puppy clients!

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